Growthpreneurs by Shanee Moret

Grow Your Health and Your Business

September 11, 2022 Shanee Moret Season 3 Episode 3
Growthpreneurs by Shanee Moret
Grow Your Health and Your Business
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In this episode, I chat with Naveen Jain, Billionaire CEO of Viome. After losing his Dad to cancer he became obsessed with being able to save others from having to lose people they love just because they found out too late... Naveen shares how to align your business with your purpose, and how to grow your health while growing your business. One of the strategies to increase your health is not what you expect.

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I'm here with the amazing of being Chang. Well, first of all Shani, it is always a pleasure to be speaking with you. Because such you know you bring so positivity, you're always with that energy that life is going to be better tomorrow, it doesn't matter what it is today, it is going to be better tomorrow. And that's the message we all have to take home is that tomorrow is going to be better. And yes, the times are tough, nobody's going to deny that this is a economy, that every one of us is hurting as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, it's tough to raise money, the markets are down, it's tough to sell things. Inflation is high cost of goods are going high. But no, this too shall pass having seen this movie many, many times, this is the time to hunker down and know, the next beat is going to be up. And that's really the My life has always been stay alive and enjoy. And what that means is you check your heartbeat every so often. And when you check your heartbeat is going to show you these ups and downs. And this happens to be down. And when you are down, you know the next beat is going to be up. But the trick is to remember when you're on top of that beat is to never get too arrogant, because always remember that winter is coming. There's always going to be doubt. Yeah. And, you know, offline, I told him I said one thing about you, whenever I see you is that you're always smiling. So you want to go into kind of just the power of smiling in that mindset of always looking for the positive. What that and also, I think finding the purpose in your life, I get up every day at 4am. And I really jump out of the bed with joy wanting to do things because I am, at least in my mind, that things I do is my purpose. That is why I'm alive today is to serve this purpose. And I know many people may disagree, but to me every day when I wake up, I feel I'm doing God's work. And the God's work means I'm finding my true purpose. And I told my wife that you know, the day is when I get up at 4am. And I want to lie down, kick me out and say go find a new things to do. Because you're totally bored now. That's funny, I love that. And, you know, people have this misconception, right? People maybe they grew up in a not so privileged environment, they think that, oh, once I start making money, I'm just gonna want to lay around all day and do nothing. And it's, you know, it's, I still tell people, the most successful people I know, work probably more than all of us, you know, and because it's it doesn't feel like work. I mean, I, I have to be truthfully, there is no reason for me to ever work for a living. And I work seven days a week, at least 17 hours per day, I get up on weekend at 4am. And I get on peds at 4am. And I work every day. And I've been doing this for 30 years. To me, I don't feel like it is my word. This is what my purpose is. This is my retirement, which is I feel and again, some people are going to add a single target. Retirement, this is so powerful from the get go. This is what are you doing when you retire shiny, you only do things you want to do, and you do them for as long as you want to do them. And this is exactly what I do what I think some I'm going to probably now say something that people are going to probably hate me for saying it. If your purpose in life is simple to chase a small ball and put in the hole, then I think you've outlived your life already. So if you think your purpose in life is to play golf, I think you should tell someone that might I am no longer contributing to the society. I have become a parasite on society and no longer belong to you. Yeah, unless you're like, unless it's your thing, right, like Tiger Woods or something like but that's like his, yeah, his job. But it's so true. Like just the mindset that what is retirement, people just see retirement as like, Oh, I'll be able to do whatever I want. Well, you could have that, you know, much sooner I think that we should normalize having that much sooner than 60. Right. And it could just be your work is aligned with your purpose. That's right. That is it most people need to understand is that once they find their true obsession, it's not about passion. You and I have talked about that. Passion is for hobbies. Passion is for losers. The true winners have obsession to solve that problem. They're not obsessed about money. They're obsessed about solving a problem. Because anytime you can build any product, any service that can help a billion people live a better life. You can create $100 billion company but you don't wake up in the morning and say I want to create $100 billion company you will always Feel, making money is the byproduct of doing things that improve people's life. Making money. Making money is like having an orgasm. If you focus on it, you're never going to make it. Oh my gosh, super people, people were probably loving this right now, this is amazing. So let's talk about your most recent like, obsession. And I know that biome has grown and y'all are doing new things in the last year. And I think that this is so important, because you, I see entrepreneurs, that they're sacrificing one thing that they shouldn't be sacrificing, and it's their health, right, because you won't have a business, you won't be able to spend time with your family, you won't be able to dedicate your life to your purpose, without health and your life will be cut short. So what what's new at biome and kind of just tell people what biome is. First of all, I started biome Shanee, seven years ago with a one simple belief, what if, what if we can actually understand our human body at at such a level, where we know what is going on inside the body. And we are able to find out exactly what foods we should eat and why what foods we should avoid and why what supplements we should not be taking and which ones we should be taking every day. And that is individualized just for you at that time. And as your body changes, because you took antibiotics because you're stressed because you have anxiety, and your body changes, you need to readjust everything again. Because remember, your body is not static, it's constantly changing. So you have to be able to adapt as your body changes about what to do. So what while does is it actually is at home stuff. So something you go to y And you can order something called Full Body intelligence, what do you do, you simply do a split of your saliva, you give us a finger prick of your blood, four drops of your blood and attach of your stool. In turn, we analyze every single gene expression in your body, not your DNA, but to RNA, because RNA tells you what is happening, DNA tells you what can happen. RNA tells you what's happening, right. So for example, if you do my DNA, which is my genes test today, and then when I get 200 pounds, my DNA will still be the same, I become diabetic, my DNA is still the same, I get heart disease, my DNA the same, I get depression, anxiety, Alzheimer, and then I die. And even after I die, you can do my DNA test is still the same DNA, you can still look at the DNA of a dinosaur, right? If DNA can't even tell you, you're dead or alive? How will it ever tell you you're healthy or sick? Wow, this question. And people say, Oh, I'm doing this thing based on my DNA. Well, guess what your DNA never changes what I'm doing this based on your blood type. Think about it for a second, your blood type is not going to change. When you gain 200 pounds, your blood type is going to change when you get diabetes, or depression or a heart attack. But your diet has to change your things what you do have to change, right? So you can't do based on something that doesn't change. And that's the reason we look at your mRNA your non coding RNA, because guess what happens? All the genes change how they express and we looking at what is being expressed. We look at all of your gut microbiome, all of your oral microbiome, we look at how they are interacting with each other. And then we tell you, what's your biological age? So not what you're chronologically, what's your biological age? So for example, I'm 63 standing, and my biological age is 50. Right? Imagine when I'm 70. My biological age could be down to 40. So my wife will think she married a young man, right? That's really, really the younger and younger. And you can be younger by simply reducing your biological age. And what is the biological age means really having that energy, having that health that you had when you were dead? All right. In fact, I would argue, I am actually healthier and better today than I was 10 years ago. 10 years to go in and 53 I was 25 pounds overweight. I had less energy. I always had brain fog, and I could not work. And today I'm 63 I feel I have no brain fog. I have more energy. I lost 25 pounds, and I'm loving life, right? It tells you what's your immune health. It tells you your gut health. It tells you your heart health. It tells you your brain health, and then it doesn't say hey, and good luck. We say then we say hey, don't eat broccoli, because you're sad. Fight production in your gut is too high causing a lot of inflammation and broccoli contains a lot of sulfate that makes it sulfite. So don't eat broccoli right now. Don't eat spinach because you may think is healthy because Popeye told you spinach is healthy. Guess what? Popeye was not a scientist. Your your body is not able to digest oxalate and spinach has too much oxalate you're gonna end up getting a kidney stone. Or don't take vitamin d3 right now. Or don't take avocado because your uric acid production is too high. People may think it's very healthy not for you. Don't take curcumin because you bile acid production is too high. And everyone said you want to live long take NAD or n mn or nr Guess what? No good for you right now. Because your cellular senescence is high your inflammation is I don't do that. But you should take 22 milligram of elderberry every day, take 27 milligram of Berberine every day, take 89 milligram of lycopene every day. And we tell you every vitamin mineral herbs digestive enzyme amino acid, so does the Bidens. It also does the vitamin everything. It does everything that you need. And we go a step further. We actually made those capsules with only the formula that is needed for you. CVC Shani, your thing contains only 22 milligram of this 27 milligram of that 29 milligram of this, and we literally create the powder, put them in the capsule and ship it to you that day, literally made for you every month, every probiotic every prebiotic, so this is literally the box like preseason, just what you need. Nothing that you don't right. I love that. And I think that's a big myth that people like don't understand is that like, oh, a healthy diet is healthy for everyone. Or, you know, this amount of my vitamins is what every woman should take, and everybody's body is different. Absolutely. One man's food is another man's poison. I think you see, there's so clearly Shanee there is no such thing as universal healthy food, there is no such thing as universal, healthy supplement. However, there are universal unhealthy food. But there's no such thing as healthy for everyone, right? But french fries, burger that we're happy to do is don't take that forever. You know, I love it in the fact that you explain the vitamins like the how the you know how the science and the process works because I someone who's, who's getting healthier, it's a it's, um, there's a lot of information and there's not one place that's like, Hey, these are the vitamins that you should take. It's just very general, a lot of the company's like, you know, are just what's in the vitamin. Yeah, it's, it doesn't sell anything. We don't sell you anything because we don't really if you don't need vitamin D, we can say you don't need a vitamin D, because we don't we only put the stuff for you what you need. So we look at your vitamin D pathway, we look at your LDL pathway, we look at your LPS pathways, we look at your you know, every single thing in your body, you flood your assembly, your ammonia pathways, your clitoris in pathways, we look at everything. And we say based on what's happening inside your body. This is what microbes are doing. This is how your body's reacting to them. This is your inflammatory marker. So we look at all your cytokines, interleukin one, interleukin one B every single transcript or interleukin we look at your mitochondria. And then we looking at together we can tell you exactly what's happening in your body, what what foods you should eat and why what foods you should not eat and why what supplements you need and what supplementation and we make them for you and you can get them from us. Made For You custom made for you. Right. And then very recently, Shani, as you know, I mentioned that before I lost my dad to cancer. And my dad, by the time when he found out that he had a cancer it was stage four. Okay, yeah, you froze for a second. Okay, what I've seen website, you know, I, you know, I lost my dad to cancer. And unfortunately, by the time he found out that he has cancer, it was stage four. And there is nothing we could do at that point. And we lost him. At that point, I made a decision to myself that I can't save him. But I'm going to dedicate my life to solving this problem of finding these things to be as early as possible. And guess what, just few weeks ago, in his memory, we launched this thing called cancer detect this thing, all you do right now is split off a tube is split in the tube, and we analyze all of your oral microbial activity and all the human genes that are expressed in your saliva, and just based on that, we can give you stage one stage one cancer in your mouth and in your thought, and we got the FDA to give us a breakthrough device designation. That means there is nothing like this has existed so far. And it's going to save people's life. And you can get that today. And we're going to now extend that for not just the stage one cancer in your mouth or throat, we're going to go further. Now we're looking at breast cancer, we're looking at liver cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, right pancreatic cancer idea is to be able to detect these cancer as early as possible, we want to go even further, to not even have to wait until they get the cancer. So our next version that we're working on to will be able to detect pre cancerous lesions. So for example, even before you get cancer in the colon, they start to tell us something about colon polyps, these polyps some, then they become cancerous. What if we can detect when you have colon polyps, so you can actually get them removed, even before they become cancerous? What if you can detect the lesion in your mouth before they become cancerous, right. And that is the thing we're looking at like preeclampsia is to really be able to look at pre cancerous stages, and stop it right there. Instead of waiting until you become diabetic, what if we can stop it before you have when you have high insulin. So we don't even have to get wait until you have high glucose, right? So idea is to prevent, detect them as early as possible, prevent them as quickly as we can, using food as a medicine, rather than simply taking food as a nutrition. And then you take the medicine from outside, right. So my belief, at least for the future Shanee is that our health care of the future is going to be delivered at home, not at that hospital. And the medicines of the future are going to come from a farm, not a pharmacy. That is a future we want to live. I mean, this is it's just you are changing the world, you're going to save probably hundreds of millions or billions of lives. Because think about how many people I think that people have this kind of assumption that, oh, if something's wrong with their body, they'll feel it. And sometimes when they feel it's too late. So there are exactly there's healthy men and women, mothers, fathers Sons Daughters, that every single day they get a diagnosis. Oh, stage three, this stage for this, you have six months to live. And that could have that was brewing for like 10 years. Unfortunately, even like diabetes, it doesn't happen overnight. It's not like something I go home and say, You know what, honey, I was out with the boys last night. I think I might have caught diabetes, you don't catch diabetes. You don't catch obesity? Yeah, it builds up. So like the fact that you're creating this technology that can say, hey, let's let's look here, because there could be a problem, or hey, it's stage one. Now. Let's, let's get, let's attack it now, instead of waiting till in stage four, I mean, it's just you're going to change, you're changing the world. So how long will this take? Because people are probably hearing this. And they're like, Well, you know, this type of cancer runs in my family and this type of cancer this, what are the next types of like saliva testing going to be available? So we already launched the first one, which is for the mouth and throat. And now we are actually doing the trial right now as we speak for is for you, Sophie to cancer, stomach cancer, and colorectal cancer and colon polyps. So we currently are in trial right now to actually add them to the test. But we're also looking at other things like a lot of people suffer from stomach ache, IBS, right. And depression, anxiety. And what's really we finding shiny, which is especially a lot of the entrepreneurs, like us, is the tremendous amount of anxiety we have in the economy we have today. And a lot of people are depressed with what what's going on. Right? I think the the lot the the big thing that is coming out today, and you should google that is called gut brain connection. That means what you eat actually impacts your brain. And they have now shown that simply changing the microbiome in the gut, it takes away your addiction. They have shown people a depression go away, they have shown people's anxiety go away and simply changing your foods you eat. You actually feel this less anxious, and when you eat food also impacts your brain. So one of the very interesting thing that gut brain access does is when we go home most of the time we come from work, we're tired, we're exhausted. We are Stress, right and not, and some of the people, not only their boss stresses them out, they go home and their spouses stress. Kids get stressed them out right now they're trying to eat. What happens when you're stressed, it puts the body into sympathetic mode, which called fight or flight, anytime in the olden days, only time she was stressed one, when the tiger were choosing the right, and you get into fight or flight response, your body at that time stops digesting the food. It at that point it shuts down all non essential function, because all it's focused on is trying to get away from the tiger. And only two things happen, you got away from Tiger and your body basically Calm down, and you will good or you became a lunch for someone else. And you were done. Right or you did not outrun the tiger. But if you did actually come down. So what needs to happen for us as entrepreneurs is when we go home, we have to follow the things to bring ourselves down. Take a deep breath, what do we say gratitude. So we say you do gratitude. And what the gratitude does is brings your body from the sympathetic mode to parasympathetic mode. So suddenly, the fight or flight response is gone. And guess what, now your digestive system can start to digest the food. And then you want to eat slowly. And the reason is that my mom used to say eat slow isolate, mom is not going to get stuck in my tone. And it wasn't that it turns out, when you choose slowly, your oral microbiome, your microbiome in your mouth is actually pre digesting your food. So microbiome starts to pre digest the food, so it is ready for nutrition can be absorbed in your intestine, right. And that's the thing is that by doing that, you're able to start to digestion in your mouth, rather than wait until it gets into your stomach, right. And then you get full nutrients in your body. And then it goes to your colon and the microbe then further digest your food. And then they start to feed your body. So if you eat the wrong food, you get the wrong stuff. It's like bad input, bad output, right? So if you eat the right foods for you, you and your microbes, then you the microbes will give you in turn, the stuff that you bought in it is very symbiotic relationship. They, in fact, you could argue are in control of what happens to us. There is you know, 100 trillion of them. And they're very few of us. They literally control every part of our body. They're all over us. They're in our mouth, in our nose every year, right? And they're all around us. Every time we breathe. We're breathing billions of them when we exhale billions of them. So it really matters that you're spending your time in nature, because then you get lot of the nature microbiome, go to the farms, you get lot of the car and horses and animals and dogs and the catch all of the microbiome is your microbiome becomes very rich. And that's the reason people who are much more closer to nature. They rarely get allergies, they rarely get eczema, they rarely get any of these inflammatory diseases. So even if you say, Look, I don't care about what's happening in my body. I care about your beauty. Your skin, like your mom probably not shunning you Mom told you or not. My mom used to say your beauty comes from inside. And what she meant was you got eat the right food, and you have a shiny glowing skin. Yeah, yeah, I remember actually one of my stepbrothers suffered from serious acne. And there was like this intelligence that was treating him and my mom was like, I think it's like things that he's eating and the dermatologist like adamant that like, oh, no, your skin has nothing to do with what you eat. And he was wrong. And Mom, your mom was absolutely 100%. Right. We in fact, have so many people who do our tests, and they follow what take our supplements and take our food. We actually prove the people we published the paper that their ideas, the gut stomachache, done by 40% in four months, they actually be able to see came down by 30%. The depression score measured by PHQ. Nine came down by 36%. The anxiety score came down by 32%. Are we did we actually analyze over 500,000 people now, right? Why 100,000 And they tell us now they have more energy, they sleep better? They lost weight. And guess what? They know brain fog and they see their skin is smoother. They have no acne, they have no Zima In fact, I were just talking to someone yesterday. And this person said to me so look, I've had this autoimmune disease for so long. I have never thought it will you know that nothing can work. And he said when you told me to have white tomatoes and these food is I've never felt better in my life. And I wanted to record this. And he said, I'm just telling you that my life had changed. And I'm buying it for everyone in my family right now. Because we are it runs in our family. Just a simple changes. I take your supplements every day, I take your probiotic. And it works like a magic and only thing I can tell you Shanee is my mom. My mom now thinks I'm a doctor, even though she knows better, she should know better than I'm no doctor. Her doctor, she has been taking these supplements for about a year. And she said her doctor told her not to take the inhaler because her asthma is gone. She says I have never she used to always have constipation. She said, Son, I'm telling you that I've had better digestion than I've ever had in my life. Wow. And she's 85 now and she says, I don't need Walker. Okay. And I have I feel more energetic now than I felt 10 years ago. And I was thinking, Oh my God, if that's all I did in my life, to make my mom healthier, I think I served my purpose. I mean, that's amazing, because now she could you know, she could go do things that she loves to do. And like she could spend time with friends with family. There's so many people that as they age, like they can't even get out of bed. And so there's, I want to ask you a question. And I don't know if it's the right words to use. But do you think aging is a disease like in and of itself? That's absolutely right. I think if you look at the thing, even I think the World Health Organization has now actually coined disease at age as a disease as a chronic disease. Because there is no reason there is none whatsoever for us to age, especially, I'm thinking in terms of being unhealthy, right. So I'm not talking about chronological aging, of course, you're going to age as chronologically, but in terms of increasing our health span. That means as long as we live, there does not have to be one day that you have to be sick, you should be able to die on the top of the mountain because you're able to climb that mountain. Because you know, that is the point is like in life is that it doesn't matter whether you live to be 120 or 200 years. And there is no reason we as humans have to die at 100 110 120. There are, you know, there are whales that live to be four or 500 years, they are turtles the lift 3000 years. So there is they're all mammals just like us to these nothing genetically that says DNA must be destroyed in 100 years. If you go back, people used to live only 2030 years. And nobody said hey, the humans should only live to be 30 years, because that's what people used to. And then that people used to live 250. And that's it. Nobody can have more than 50 people do the same thing. What it is good. Or 90 is good or 100. Why stop? Why not? 500? Why not? 1000. But you never want to live one day with sickness. And that's my goal in life is not to make you live to be 500. My job is to make you live to be even 499 years, but make sure there is not a day you're sick. Yeah. And that's such a, you know, like, it's just, it's so powerful to think of like just different perspectives, right? Because like you're, you know, we're told as little kids like you see your grandma or your grandpa, they're like 70. And they're like, you know, Walker, and then there's other 70 year olds that are like climbing mountain Everest, you know, and they're completely healthy. So like the quality of life within the longevity matters. I want to I want to get your perspective on something. I know, in a recent interview, I think it was on the next show or something. They asked Elon Musk like why he wasn't focusing on making people's lives longer, right? And he just said, because he doesn't think that people change. So he's like, if somebody lives 200 years, he doesn't think that they're gonna have different beliefs and that it's kind of against progress of humanity. What do you have to say to that? Well, first of all, I think people do change people do actually, if they leave, if they knew they're going to live to be 200 years, they would make very different decisions, and then says that they know, we have to be able to be a good conservative, good trustee of the resources we have, we actually think very differently in short term versus long term. Any company would tell you that when they look for focus on short term profit, they always lose when they focus on long Trump to create tremendous value. So if you know you're going to live to be proud of yours, you're going to act very differently than when you know you only got 50 7080 years to live right You could do more, you're gonna have bigger dreams, you're gonna? Absolutely. But as if you asked Elon the same question, hey, Ilan, if you are a great contributor to society, and you're able to do so much in your 50 years, don't you think the society will be much better off if you live to be 500? And he will see of course. Right, right. Like, yeah, they should have they should have twisted the question, but the interviewers were just like, shocked at the answer, I think and moved on. But I think you know, the fact is, you and I both know that we our, our thought process today is very different than it was 10 years ago, right? You have evolved, I have seen you evolve on the last five years, your thought process, because the more you learn more you grow, and more your thought process changes. For me, every interaction we have with someone else, changes who we become. Right? I learned from you, every time we talk, you learn from me every time we talk, and you learn from everyone that you talk to how can you be static? Right? It's true. I mean, it. It's just, it's incredible to kind of just think about all of this, like in a new lens. And so I have like a question about like the process. So once someone does the test, and I'll put the link to the website and everything once they do that, how long does it take before they need like a new test? Like let's say they started a whole supplements, how do they know if they're there, their microbiome and gut has changed? Absolutely. So we recommend that every four to six months, you read tests, and generally every six months is a good timeframe, if you can afford you should do every four months. And the reason is, it takes about four months for your body to adapt to all the new stuff that you're doing it now we're changing one day. But the good thing is if you read that, guess what we reanalyze your body and say, You know what? Now all these things, you were taking these things you don't need, but you need these things now, because your body is changed. Like as you kind of optimize your nutrition, maybe you don't need as much B 12 anymore. And so absolutely. And I think that's one thing, you can also see your scores change, I mean, mine, I see them all the time, my immune system health was here, and now we'll see it. So you don't have to believe that things are working. Because not only you can feel it, but you can see your internal sports are always changing. And the things you don't follow, you can see the things go down. There are times I go on a trip, and I'm just gonna follow as well as sometimes I forget to take my supplement when I want to travel, guess what happened? Next time I test my scores go down and like you're like, I shouldn't have skipped that week or whatever. Yes. You're funny. So where does exercise kind of does it matter? Does it accelerate nutrition? Absolutely. So I think there are four pillars to living healthy. And these four pillars are actually built on top of each other. And just like a Maslow's hierarchy hierarchy of parameters, you have to take care of the bottom most. So the number one thing you need to do to be healthy is a proper nutrition. If you don't have a proper nutrition, nothing you do matters because guess what, you can buy a Ferrari. But if you're not going to put the right fuel in that is not going to do any good. So you have to get a proper nutrition. And once you have that, then the next thing you need to do on top of that is to stress reduction, if you're constantly stressed, guess what happened? It releases the you know, your brain releases the quality required neuro quality quiet, it converts into cortisol, it actually keeps your body into the fight or flight response. You can digest food, it changes your gut microbiome, and everything goes haywire, right? So the next thing you need to do the second level is to meditate to get rid of every one or everything that causes you stress. And sometimes those are the people, your friends. Maybe your spouse, I don't know, maybe your boss, or whatever. Gender causing you stress. You laughing Oh, it's true. I mean, I try to tell people this but you know, people have difficulty with boundaries, but it's impossible to be focused on your purpose if you're kind of attacked at all angles by stress. And so this kind of like brings up this epiphany because there's a lot of people that start Oh, they start going to the gym, they start doing this, they don't change their nutrition, or they just follow a random guy yet and then they're wondering why they're not getting the results that they should why they're still feeling tired and all of these things with it. So without the nutrition and they don't and it's and they don't change their friends. They don't change their friends to them to this powder this to causing all the stress and the stress keeps them sick, right. So the idea is number one, nutrition. Number two, reduce the stress. Number three is exercise. So now you need to start moving. And it doesn't mean you need to be a gym rat spending three, four hours pumping iron. Even if you go for a walk for 30 minutes, that's a good exercise, you can do a 60 minute walk is a great exercise, walk fast, do some appeals, and you're good to go. You don't need to be in the gym, doing lots of stuff. Of course, as you get older, you want to build muscles, but you still don't need to be in the gym. You do push ups. And you can do squats. And you're good. My point is don't come up with an excuse of, oh, I don't have a gym at home, I can't get a gym membership. I honestly I have all the damn gym at home, I don't use it what I do, I wake up in the morning, and I do push up and I can do squats. And I'm good to go and I do about five, four or five miles a walk and, and that that's my exercise for the day. I meditate twice that takes about my stress reduction. And the last part is asleep. Absolutely necessary. You need to get somewhere between six hours to eight hours. Some people need eight. I am good with six. And I'm okay with that. Right. So it's really entirely based on your age based on how your body works. You need six to eight less than six is not good. I don't care what anybody tells you. Why work on four hour, they are destroying their body. Other things shunning you mentioned I want just want to bring it up. Anytime you go on these fad diet, you're absolutely destroying your body. And I want to just emphasize, we actually published a paper is coming out in cell that shows the keto diet is an absolute destroys your body, it is the worst worst thing you do in terms of your biological age, you get to be 510 years older than you are you may look 10. But your body underneath is destroyed. I've had so many people come to me say they were on a keto diet for two years, the hormones are over completely out of that they have anxiety issues, they are you know, they cannot digest foods anymore. And they have all the issues. In fact, one person has in fact still cannot. He says memory was so destroyed, that is still recovering from the keto diet. Wow. And I saw you shared something about intermittent fasting. What was the same question? Same thing Shanee that when people go on a long, fast long, you know, both people take, you know, 1618 hour break, or sometime people take for three days not eating. Guess what happens when you don't eat anything, your gut microbes, they eat what's around them. So they start eating gut lining, they start eating the carbs, which are in your mouth, they basically are destroying your body from inside out, because you're not feeding them. So to me, the right thing to do is not I'm saying that constantly eat, but you got to get the nutrition in the body, you cannot just starve yourself. I'm saying I'm going to lose weight by starving myself, right? But it's okay to actually, if you want to skip a meal Be my guest. But don't go out this fancy stuff that everyday I'm going to not eat for at 19 hours that just not good for you to eat only for five hours. I don't think so what about kids? Can this be done? Like can kids take the test? As a matter of fact, not only they can, they're actually better off because the earlier you can fix your body and your microbiome, the better you're going to grow up to be because you know as if the things are in dysbiosis. It's harder to fix. But guess what? The earlier you start the longer healthier life you get to live. I love it. I love it. And just one more question and being because I know your your time is so valuable. What advice would you give to the founders to help them kind of stick it through and maybe even grow through this market? Maybe it's their first time maybe they're trying to get funding? Even more clients? What advice would you give them? Well, first of all, you have to build something that is creating value. Don't do something simply to create bad, don't do something just to make money. And that if you're focused on simply making money that I'm going to create an NFT and hopefully somebody will buy it for more than what I paid for it. And you create basically a Ponzi scheme or a tulips, right. I think if you focus on saying what I am doing, how it's going to improve the people's lives and stay focused on serving those people, they become your loyal customer. And that means they'll always be there for you because you are making their life better in whatever way you do. Whether it is giving them better health is making their life simpler is solving the problem that they had find the head and find an aspirin that solves their problem. And they will be beating down your door because they need that escrow. So point is focused on helping people live better. Second thing is to know that these times are tough, hunker down and sometimes you have Have to retrench a bit. And it's okay to let go. Some people, it's never fun. But sometimes we have to sacrifice some of that thing stuff to go back retrench and then grow again. Because when the times are better, you'll be able to come back again. But if you don't retrench, right now that everyone dies, so some time for the common good, you have to make some sacrifices. In terms of funding, the best thing is when the times are tough to maybe ask the friends and family who really know you and believe in you to be able to do that. And guess what, when their business goes, they make a lot of money is to in fact, give that up as an opportunity for people who always wanted to be part of you, part of you want to help you bring them together to chance to actually help them out, right? Because there's gonna be times when they need help. So to me is creating a community around you. Other thing is to find fellow entrepreneurs who are going through the same thing. You're not alone, we all are in it for together. Listen to Shanice podcast, I mean, I listened to you live, I listened to your men really watch your post. So I would say honestly, follow Shanee and really understand what other entrepreneurs are going through. You have to find the community where you belong to. Because a lot of the times it is extremely lonely to be an entrepreneur, no one understands your pain. They all think, oh my god, you must be like a Mark Zuckerberg, you got $10 billion, you're an entrepreneur. They don't understand you struggling to make the payroll. And guess what every one of us has gone through it. In our lifetime. We all have seen that where we struggled to make the payroll. But guess what we come out of it. Every company that is successful today, went through a near death experience. We look at Apple, most people may not realize about 1520 years ago, people thought Apple was dead. And the only reason Apple survived was Microsoft was under monopoly. And they invested 50 million in Apple to keep them alive. So they were the competitor so they can show people that they will literally Yeah, so they kept Apple alive so they can tell the Department of Justice the the competitor out there knowing that they're gonna die, guess what they took over. And now the app is a multi trillion dollar company saved by a competitor, right. Oracle went through a near death experience. Facebook went through a near death experience. I mean, Mark Zuckerberg went to India trying to find his soul. What do I do? Right? So we all have seen this to my point is, anytime that times are tough, go reach inside you find the fellow community follow people like shiny where you can see that content. So you can see you're not alone. Meet with people who are just like you, when you go to someone who had a job at Google, and you try to describe your problem is I don't understand they get a free food at work. I worked there all the time. And I get my free lunch and free dinner. And you think well, that's not, that's not you. You're trying to create jobs, you're trying to build a business, right? So my point is, and finding those community of entrepreneurs so you can actually figure out what's working for you. They can connect you to some people who can buy your product. So really to be best thing you can do is to really help each other out every one of us know someone who can help someone, right? Yeah, I love the answer. And it's really on both sides focus on people. So focus on your clients or customers, turn them into like, you know, the best clients ever by serving them to your best and then focusing on people for support, like community school. I think that that's one of the main reasons why a lot of entrepreneurs fail is they don't have that community. But thank you, Naveen. I know, I know your time is so valuable. Any just one final sentence for the community today. I said, Well, I can let's end where we started health is your wealth. So don't sacrifice your health for wealth today, because someday you will be sacrificing the wealth to get back your health. I love it. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you Naveen. Have a great day. Thank you, sir. All right, ciao.