Growthpreneurs by Shanee Moret

Position Yourself as a Leader on LinkedIn

September 13, 2022 Shanee Moret Season 3 Episode 4
Growthpreneurs by Shanee Moret
Position Yourself as a Leader on LinkedIn
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In this episode, I am interviewed by Chaz Horn.  He asked me questions that will help business owners build and sustain their personal brands on LinkedIn and experience results in 30 days or less. What type of results? Inbound sales, invitations to podcasts, invitations to partner with relevant organizations, securing board member seats, and more.

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Hi, everybody. I am so excited for this conversation today which and a, I've been following this woman for four years. And as a matter of fact, what she said was, hey, he, I've been following her for four years. And I've seen her go from a few 1000 followers, when I have 17 to 1.1 million. And when I went to 30,000, so I'm thinking, I don't get it. How did she get from where she is to where she is now? And why not me? What is she doing differently? Today, I want to talk about topless today. And I encourage you to take notes. She at one point in her life, she was on welfare, a single mom. She got a job with a boss, her daughter was in the NICU. And the boss told her that if you don't come back to work, she's with her daughter, the NICU and if you don't come back to work, your fire, she quit her job. And she started going with her strength and her passion, which was blogging. A few years later, here she is serving hundreds of clients of multimillion dollar annual business growth Academy. And today, I want to talk to her about her onboarding program on LinkedIn, LinkedIn printers, and find out how she can help you and get some ideas and tips. Because there's so many out there, LinkedIn gurus, there's new ones popping up each and every day. And so welcome Shinae it's great to have you. I've been trying to get this interview for like three years. Hey, Chaz, thank you so much for having me today. Yeah, you are you're most welcome. So real quick question. Before we get into our conversation here, I was talking with a real estate broker from from New York. And she's on LinkedIn. And she's a chess, I know, LinkedIn, I hear all these things about LinkedIn, but I just don't get it with content. And she's using another LinkedIn program. But she said, there's all these recordings and then going through them. I don't understand the idea with content and connecting to my audience. And so as I was going through it, we ran out of time. So it's kind of telling her conceptually about content and how you connect with her audience. And because she's used to meeting with people in person, can you kind of hit on that before we go a little bit deeper? Because I like to get your thoughts on that. Um, for someone like her, I would just say, think of your favorite influencer. And think of how, you know, they've really earned your respect your awareness. So number one, someone like Gary Vee, let's say, if it's Gary Vee, in her case, how did he make her know that he exists? How did he earn her trust? Over the last year or two or five or 10? And, you know, how, how has he been able to become relatable to her, even though she's never met him before? And when you audit your own behavior and understand like, oh, okay, well, he's done it through content. And through meeting me where I am, and through being authentic through being on video, then it becomes really apparent what we need to do to do the same thing for the people that we can serve. Right. And that's the the beauty of what you do in the science behind what you do. Shinae is people don't understand you got to connect with people emotionally. Yeah. So I'm curious with what do you do exactly, because there's new LinkedIn gurus popping up each and every day. And there's, there's some that have a lot of knowledge, some that don't, how is it different with what you do to help your clients within your course? How you coach them within your program? How is it different for maybe other things that they may have tried in the past? There's a lot of healthy skepticism out there. Yes. So number one, it's not a course. So that's the first thing because courses are an on demand experience, just like going to YouTube even though the information there could be really beneficial, but a lot of the times it requires someone that's extremely self disciplined to basically read that information or watch that information and then go act on it without any guidance. And nine out of 10 times when you're going into something new, that's not going to be you, right. And so it's it's an experience, it's a coaching experience. And basically, they show up for 21 days, the first part really is they show up for 21 days. And they literally learn the skill of content and video by not watching a video, but by participating and doing the work and being held accountable. By that time, they basically have built the habit if they show up, right, and then posting afterwards. So it's really an experience that through accountability is designed for you to not just create content or whatever to become the type of person that does far after the program, right. And then to have that feedback along the way, if you're stuck on a prompt or a script, or, you know, learning from others, so peers are involved. And a lot of the times as creators, we're not surrounded by other creators, so they don't understand people around you may not understand the struggles that you're going through. And so it also gives them a community of other business owners who are also creators who understand the struggles that they get to talk to. And that's just the tip of it. Right. And the other thing that's really cool, is for I've been following Shimei, and I and I'm like success leaves clues. And so I went to one of her webinars because I was just trying to get information to improve my webinar, I had no plan to purchase or spend time working with Janae learning from Sinead. But by the end of the webinar, I paid I became your client. And so, in, we've spent a lot of time together, I think we've had like 18, one on one hour sessions, and I've learned so much, the thing that kind of blew me away, is all the sessions are live with you. And so that's so different. So you get to engage with Janae. And then you have a group of other entrepreneurs. And then those combined help you get content out there. Who? Well, first, I think that that's a great point, because there are people that join and they're like, oh, it's really you. And the thing is that they've bought stuff in the past, and then they get passed off to a moderator. And the person who really marketing it will disappear into the shadows and be like, Hey, you could only get access to that person if you upgrade to a$30,000 mastermind, right. And I've had this, you know, I'm currently having this discussion, because as you know, you know, I'm scaling internally and stuff like that. And that's just not something that I want to do. Because I think that it's like tricking people, you're using one person, and then they never get to see that person or interact with them. And we're just not going to do that we stay authentic. So do are we going to add some like support and you know, for attendance and stuff like that, yes, but I also think the second differentiators, like I love to teach. And so I thoroughly enjoyed the process. And it shows in, you know, the timeliness enthusiasm, and the time and effort in the design of this whole structure. Right. Yeah. When I found that it was you live, I just I couldn't believe it, especially with, you need to increase your prices. Yeah. It was like, wow, it was this. There's I haven't been in any program, where I'm talking live to someone in someone who has a multimillion dollar business to gain access to them is invaluable. Because so much time I've spent with you is caught just by seeing how you run your business and how you think with Link printers, within 21 days, who would be the person that would be the right match to consider working with you. Someone who wants inbound clients who is not afraid to do video, right? Okay. It's either the person who's been trying to do content, but has really not had that much success. And they're already established, right? Because I have those clients where maybe you already have a multimillion dollar business. Or maybe you already have a business that's operating with a team. But maybe you want to dabble into consulting or coaching. And you know that to do that you need a community, right? You need some sort of influence. Maybe you're already established and you want to write a book in a year. And you also know that you need to grow a community. Right? And so it's either that person or it's really like the coach that I'd say is, you know, between 10 to 25k a month, but they're mainly relying on outbound right. And they they know that to get to the next level in terms of partnerships and in terms of the type of Quality clients that they attract. They know that they need to inbound. Yeah, it's, and I have to know willing to create content. I'm not the person to come to. Yeah, that's good to differentiate, because it's not about working with everybody. It's about working with those people that are the best fit for you. Right? That's so important to distinguish that. Maria, yeah. Could you tell her story because it's amazing. And this, because people want to people care about they don't care about you and me. Unfortunately, they care about themselves. They care about the outcome, if they work with Shinae. What are the outcomes they are going to? Are they going to get? And I think Maria is a really good example of that. If you could tell her story, I think that would be great. Yeah, so Maria joined in January, like January 3, I think she had like, 3500 connections. And now, in five and a half months, she's over 120,000 followers. But you know, Maria did the work. She's been consistent. And she really, really wanted it. Because it's not easy, right? And she's not the only like, mega success story. Like, I've helped Christopher Hummel, who is, uh, you know, because people have this tendency to say, Oh, is it just women that can get this type of success. And, you know, he's a 45 year old male. And so he almost has a million followers today on LinkedIn. And when I started working with him, he had around 5000, followers got him to over 100,009 months. So, right. And here's the other thing, because people think it's because I was talking to people. And as we're looking to you get more and more and more followers. And it's easy to criticize someone who's up here, because they're revealing a weakness in yourself. I'm just like, Man, I want to learn from her. But the people that I was talking to, it's like, well, you know, followers isn't important. How do you what do you say to those people? Because they're talking about scheduling qualified meetings. Depends on what you want. Right? So I know, people that have made two $10 million from LinkedIn this year, that have 5000 followers, right? Right, that person's doing it just through automation, outbound, heavy outbound. So if you're, if you and like let me preface that person also has the emotional intelligence and business skills to do that, right? Run like 13 other businesses. So this isn't like that person's first rodeo, but that person doesn't care about necessarily influencing others, and maybe releasing a book one day, maybe, you know, having a podcast with a big listenership, and that person doesn't care about inbound. So it really just depends, like, what do you want? There is no right or wrong way. But for me, I hate it outbound. So content just made perfect sense for how I could build my business in the most authentic way possible for me, and it really just depends on what type of person you are. Right? I love that. I love that answer. When I ask you a question. I never know what you're going to say because you just give the truth. And with Maria, she had 100,000 followers now, but dinner calendar like fill up like a month and a half she had her. So it wasn't that she's getting a lot of followers. Yes. But she was actually getting meetings and clients because of the content was connecting emotionally with their audience. Yeah, I don't I don't want to put numbers out there because of her privacy in terms of, but I'll just say that her life has completely changed on that. I respect I respect that. And for everyone out there I was, you know, I teach people how to use LinkedIn. But otherwise, like 6040 60%, outbound 40%, inbound, wishing they now it's 90%, inbound, 10% outbound. And just so everyone out there because there's new people on LinkedIn all the time or talking to someone and they're like, What do you mean, inbound outbound. Outbound is you're reaching out to someone cold with a direct message inbound is they're reaching out to you because they see your post or your content. So going back to the skepticism, because people see success stories. We're talking about Chris Christopher, we're talking about Maria and there's so many other people that you've held on one of them. How do they know this is real? And for them? How do they know that this is real? I mean, they can reach out to anyone I just mentioned right or reach out to you. But it really comes down to I think that are you willing To just do the work for 21 days, right? If the answer's no, then this is probably not for you, right? And if the answer is yes, then it probably is. And it because at the end of the day, we can email you if you miss the meeting. But we've literally designed a process that will increase your chances of success tenfold at least, right? But I don't live with you. And I can't rip you out of bed and force or see you to create content at the end of the day. So you really have to ask yourself, like, do you want to change the results that you're getting in a way where you attract clients? And if the answer is yes, and you're willing to invest 20 minutes of your time for 21 days, then? You know, it is what it is. Can you help with this? Because I know that I'm still learning so much with content. And I don't know, if you call it a formula, can you give people an idea and understanding, you know, why some content resonates with others and other people are putting out content post daily and not resonating? What's the difference? And how do you help people move from not engaging with their audience to engaging with their audience, getting inbound traffic, and being able to schedule meetings from their from their content? I think the biggest difference is understanding what their audience needs and wants. And that's part of this process. If you don't know what will make someone stop, right, if you don't know what to say, to get someone's attention in a way that is helpful to them, then you will just continue to hit a brick wall, right. And there are certain processes, even within your business that you could put in place questions that clients ask you, things that they say that you're not paying attention to, that could easily be leveraged into content that gets more people like them in your doors. And so that's really one of the, I guess, emotional intelligence factors that I help my clients with is understanding people, especially the people that they can serve. Right? It's huge. And at the core of emotional intelligence, because a lot of times people don't understand what that is. I mean, you're reaching people on what's important to them. Before I forget, I'll, I'll also add this, it's also understanding that people exist outside of what you do for them, right? So the reason why you may gravitate towards someone like Gary Vee, he's not necessarily stuffing his services down your throat, 24/7. Right. you resonate with him, maybe because you're also a dad, or maybe because you've also separated from your wife, or maybe because you were also, you know, in a family business, or maybe because you also love crypto, there are so many facets to the people that we serve. And people fail to understand that. And they fail to build that emotional connection with their audience because of it. Right, and you talk about the who. And if you don't know who your audience is, and what's important to them. That was that was an aha moment for me, because 80% of my clients are dog owners. Yeah. So it's so I have lessons from Louis, which is my my dog, my Australian Shepherd, my CFO, Chief fun officer. But when I when I post about my dog, or fitness of a high percentage of the people, my audience are into health and fitness. And so it connects with them in a way that people don't understand and realize, I was talking with a lady the other day, she was not a good fit. For me. She's like she had, I'm not going to go into details. She just was thinking about videos and talking about personal stuff. Why do that I just want to talk about my business and who I serve and the features and benefits. And she wasn't getting any engagement in our content. And she was not coachable. And so you have that mindset in that perspective. And it keeps you from connecting with your audience. That was one of the many aha moments when I saw you go from a few 1000 followers to 1.1 and I went from 17,000 to 30k. It's those little things that you understand about the who your target market that when you connect with them. It's like wow, I can relate to this person and marketing is all about building confidence in your in your target audience. Is there anything, like a overall tip or strategy that you can give people that they can take away from this today? Do the work, right. And I know people hate hate to get really received this advice, but, you know, it's you have to start auditing your own behavior. Like I needed a photographer recently. And I shared this story, but I'll share it again. And the only reason why I contacted this one person in a split second is because I had seen her posts for like three months, right. And I had seen her evolve, I saw her, you know, shooting different families and growing her team. And so when I needed a family photographer, I was the first person that came to my brain was her. And so I reached out to her, and I paid her an hour later, right? And if you're not willing to put in the work and the consistency now, when your prospect needs, whatever it is that you offer 30 to 60 days from now, they're not going to think of you. Right, exactly. But they need to connect with them. So how do people reach you? What's the best way for people to connect with you to learn more about how you could potentially help them? Yeah, the best way is to either message me on LinkedIn, or to go to you grow dot club and join the next master class. It's next Tuesday. Yeah, you grow dot club. And that's a landing page where they can connect and watch your masterclass. Right, yeah. Or they could just LinkedIn. So they do that they watch the master class. And then is there a step where they like, oh, I have an option to get started with you or there? Yeah. So they can decide at the end of the master class, whether they trust me and themselves enough to move forward? And if they do, then they join, right? I mean, what did they have to lose? Nothing, because if it doesn't work for them, and they do the work, they get a refund anyway. So you can guarantee results, if they don't, if they show up and do the work and don't get results? I should say, yeah, if you show up work, and we haven't had anyone yet that has shown up throughout the whole process, and that's not gotten the results. Okay. So here you are listening to Shinae, who's built her business, and she's helped hundreds of clients, grow their business, inbound traffic, meaning people reach out to you because you're building confidence in their minds about you being able to solve their problem. If you are on LinkedIn, and you want to grow your business, or influence because you work with creators, and you work with businesses both is correct. Yeah. And I mean, in this day and age, most business owners who have kind of not taken LinkedIn seriously, are starting to so there they have to, they have to learn how to be a business owner and continue the operations while building basically an internal media company and becoming a creator in the process to market their business through their personal brand. Right, you mentioned Gary Vee and Gary Vee said, as a business owner, if you don't understand your company, as a media company, then you're gonna miss out to those who do. So reach out, reach out to Shinae. Any other last words for us before we end? No, thank you, Chaz. I appreciate it. And I look forward to helping those who are serious and ready to take action to get to the next level. Yeah, reach out to Shimei if you want to grow your business, okay. In one way, she's actually a competitor of mine. But she's really not because if you have a need, that she may can fulfill better than I can. Then I encourage you to reach out to her do it now. All right, see Chaz? All right tonight. Bye.