Growthpreneurs by Shanee Moret

Is It Okay to Post Personal Content on LinkedIn?

October 05, 2022 Shanee Moret Season 3 Episode 12
Growthpreneurs by Shanee Moret
Is It Okay to Post Personal Content on LinkedIn?
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In this episode, I answer a frequent question that people ask me, "Is it okay to post personal content on LinkedIn?" The myth needs to be broken once and for all. 

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Hi, I'm learning so much right now. So my question is, as a coach, you know, I've been doing a lot on Facebook and Instagram. So I've been transitioning little by little to LinkedIn. Now I had LinkedIn way back when when I was doing a lot more web design and development and more of those corporate connections. So it's almost like they're seeing a massive pivot into life and business coaching with me. So I've been posting or I should say repurposing some of my more professional kind of content from Instagram, and I need more professional in the sense that it's not, you know, no music, I'm just speaking a lot things like that, and repurposing some of my Facebook lives up to 10 minutes, I think even post on LinkedIn, for those videos. So my question to you is, I'm going along with everything that you're saying, I'm looking into groups and the events and I'm starting to follow people and commenting on their posts, you know, you have to know, you work fast. I'm a sponge, and they know me here. So they know I'm like I, you know, I walk the walk for sure. So as a coach, as somebody like me, who is pivoting, what would kind of be your, you know, your advice in terms of how often should I be posting? And also, I know that some people have said in the past that it's okay to kind of post your most your more casual type videos if you'd like to show that human fun side of you. So I'm wondering if, if you feel like that is appropriate for LinkedIn as well? Yes, so I'll answer your question in, I guess, two parts. The first is, one of the reasons that I blew up on LinkedIn was because I didn't show up like a robot. Right, a lot of people before me on LinkedIn, they just thought that you had to be in a suit, you had to be high level quality production, you had to be almost like non human to show up on the platform. My benefit was that I was so naive, I didn't understand that that was the culture of the platform. So I just showed up. And I showed up authentically, and people loved it. So I would say like, when you show up, show up as you are, let's say you're in a suit on Monday, because you're going to meet back to back clients, you could do a video in a suit. But let's say you're playing with, I don't know, if you have kids playing with your daughter, son on a Friday, you know, that's what LinkedIn is looking for is like, the timing also matters. So I'm never going to post the same post on a Monday as I would have Friday, because I know that my prospects feel different on a Friday than a Monday, right? They're probably looking forward to focus on their family or whatever, on a Friday evening versus a Monday they're thinking about money, right? And so like, understanding, again, starting with who is very important, knowing who your prospects are. Now, if my prospects were hairdressers, I would be chilling on a beach on a Monday, because they're not working Mondays, that's their holiday, right? And so you've got to know your who. So that's the first part. And the second part is like, yeah, showing up and being authentically personal is kind of the way that I'd say is appropriate, but you have to do what feels comfortable for you, like I show my daughter here and there, but she's not in every post. Because that's what's comfortable for me, but you could be in a suit one day and a sweater the next as long as it's really I've never in a suit ever. I don't show up in a suit. Because there's negative consequences to that. So some people you know, may say Oh, showing up in a suit this and that. They may have a certain perception, but your subconscious mind is always going to dominate. And your subconscious is going to bleed through the video or through your communication that you're uncomfortable with that that's not usually how you dress and all that and the viewer is going to feel it. So that's why I say just show up as you are because if you don't, we're not the best liars, right and people are very good at detecting whether you're lying or not. Thank you. I look definitely look forward to the next class with you and whatever challenge you have going on and I will definitely do the work so count me in