Growthpreneurs by Shanee Moret

Top LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes

December 02, 2022 Shanee Moret Season 4 Episode 21
Growthpreneurs by Shanee Moret
Top LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes
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In this episode, I am interviewed by Rigoberto Murillo and Laurie Ann Murabito Host of the "Contagious Leadership Podcast." In this episode I share the top LinkedIn mistakes I see leaders make that are keeping them from acquiring inbound sales, increasing engagement with content, and building community on LinkedIn.

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Long-term thinking
The first 90 days
Audit your own behavior
Repurpose your posts
Start with video
The market decides content value
Posts not about what you sell
Immediate results
Value of social media
Earning trust with consistency
Speaking as marketing
Consistent messaging
The Value of Email
LinkedIn Newsletters and Webinars
Sales Training
Your Reputation Matters
Attract Better Clients
Content > Cold Calls
Clients Happily Paying You
Top 20% Client Questions