Growthpreneurs by Shanee Moret

How to Manifest What You Want in 2023: Simple Techniques That Work

December 22, 2022 Shanee Moret Season 4 Episode 21
Growthpreneurs by Shanee Moret
How to Manifest What You Want in 2023: Simple Techniques That Work
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In this episode we have a conversation to answer the following questions: 

  1. Is manifestation real or is it woo-woo?
  2. Have you ever experienced manifestation in your life?
  3. What can someone start to do today to start manifesting the life that they want in 2023?

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How to Manifest The Life You Want in 2023: Simple Techniques and Strategies

Shanee Moret: [00:00:00] Welcome to How to Manifest in 2023. Simple Techniques that Work. This conversation is going to be amazing. I want to thank you for being here today. I wanna give you that appreciation because you could be anywhere in the world, but you're here. But before we start, I wanna go over the definition. So what is the definition of manifestation?

Shanee Moret: The word manifestation means to create, so, Or turn something from an idea into a reality through actions, words, feelings, beliefs, or other means. It can refer to the expression or realization of a thought, a feeling. A desire or the manifestation of an idea or concept in the physical world. So basically you're leveraging your actions, your thoughts, the words that come out of your mouth, the feelings that you experience, and the beliefs that you have to create something from a desire [00:01:00] state and idea state into a reality.

Shanee Moret: So just with that definition in. In and of itself, we have to realize that to create what we really want in 2023 from the business that you really want, the relationships you really want, the self-love you've been really wanting to experience will require two things. The first thing is obviously knowing what you really want.

Shanee Moret: and that's another conversation, right? But let's, let's just hope that you're there. The second thing is accepting that to create the life that you want, you have to change and become the type of person that leads the type of life before it becomes tangible. Right? So, I know I have tear up here. I have, uh, I have Casey, thank you so much for coming to this stage.

Shanee Moret: Answer the question, Tara. Is manifestation a real thing or is it a sham scam? Have you experienced it in your life? And what can someone do today to start? [00:02:00]

Tara Murney: Oh my gosh, this is my favorite. This 

Ann Bedford-Flood: is your jam ever done. This 

Shanee Moret: is 

Tara Murney: your jam, this blood jam. So this is not woowoo, this isn't, uh, you know, some magical thing.

Tara Murney: It's actually a real thing and there's so many facets to it. And I used to run a manifestation course. I did really, really well at it. and I taught a lot of people how to tap into it, and it's not by the five by five method and all this stuff that you see, that crazy stuff on Pinterest, it doesn't work because there's many facets that are woven into this like fear and getting your belief system aligned.

Tara Murney: We are creator and in creation we can create. Anything we want. And I did this actually, and you know this story. I told the class, I told all my friends, I'm gonna win a lotto max here in Canada. You give me four weeks and I'm gonna show you, you can manifest anything you want in your life. And the word manifestation, actually by simplest definition, just means to allow.

Tara Murney: The problem is, is we don't allow it to happen in our lives because we get in our own way. So, and sure [00:03:00] enough, I won Lomax within the first week, and Casey, who is from Canada knows probably very well. That I had better luck of being struck by lightning seven times. So I'm really, wait, 

Shanee Moret: Sarah, you already, you already said a lot.

Shanee Moret: So what are some of the ways that people get in their own way? So manifestation means to allow, it's like a flow, but what do we do to get in the way of that? Allowance. 

Tara Murney: Well, we do several things and I won't hog up the stage cuz this is like a five hour mastermind class. But I will tell 

Shanee Moret: you one, it's okay.

Shanee Moret: We're gonna have a series. Hog it. Hog it, . 

Tara Murney: One of the biggest things that we do is we are told, like if we look at when we're children, right? What do kids do? We share. Right. Didn't we do that when we were kids? When we look and we sit back and we just watch kids at a playground, they share. And then what happens is we grow up and we're told that there's less.

Tara Murney: There's less in life, that everything is finite. You know, there's only a certain amount of spots available for that job. You know, there's only a certain amount of people in this world that can be successful. Actually. It's [00:04:00] unlimited, it's infinite. There's infinite seats all over this planet, and so we stop ourselves right there and then what we do, Anchor it in with our belief.

Tara Murney: Our belief is that everything is limited, that everything is infinite or is finite. Sorry. So look at, let's take podcasting for example. I want to do podcasts, but there's 800,000 podcasts out there. Well, so I limit myself. I say I can't do it. There's no way. There's actually no cap. The mindset that we are educated on from early, early on.

Tara Murney: And so if you cannot get through that, I can't even take you into the next one, which is mindfulness. 

Shanee Moret: And where do these limiting beliefs come from? Because I see this all the time with people that even wanna build their personal brands and, and you know that I help peoples through this and it's, they limit themselves before they even start like nobody would want to hear.

Shanee Moret: Story, I'm not special. I can't get on video. People will think [00:05:00] I'm boring. . Where does, where do those things come from? 

Tara Murney: Well, first and foremost, they come from our education system. They even come from our family that we grew up on, especially our family. Well, when I was little, I used to sit, we have a big family.

Tara Murney: My mom has, uh, eight siblings. My dad had 16, I think 13 of them lived. And so as little kids, when we had family functions, we. Sit there. And when, you know that famous saying, when they say, when you think kids aren't listening, they are, they are. And you would soak in what you are hearing from your family members and that is actually what cultivates the foundation of your belief systems.

Tara Murney: It's only when you get older that you recognize that that's not true. And so a lot of the things that we, that we, we hear as children are why we are showing up the way we are. Whether that is we, we don't have enough. For success. There's too many podcasts. I'm not smart enough. I don't come from a wealthy family.

Tara Murney: You know, it's all these limiting beliefs and we get stuck there. They come from family, they come from friends, they come from social media, like [00:06:00] social media is such a facade. We, we, we live in this world where we live off social media. Yes, we all do, but you have to be very mindful and very intentional who you are following.

Tara Murney: You know who you're listening to, even YouTube, which videos are you investing your time in? Because if it's not serving you, you can't impact other people. And that's why we all come from a place of lack, lack of self-worth, and we find imperfections in everything. And if we just tune that off, like turn it off and tune into ourself, we can find this beautiful, deep.

Tara Murney: Of self-worth. And it starts from that. It's kind of like an unwiring and kind of unlearning and relearning the whole thing all over again. 

Shanee Moret: And you know what's interesting is that we see the physical reality before us, the life that we live, because I just got a message from, uh, a, a leader actually on LinkedIn who's messaging, and he says that the way that he's experienced [00:07:00] it is that.

Shanee Moret: The external is actually a byproduct. Like it's a reflection of what's going on internally, and people think that they have to change the external right first, but actually the changes internally happen first, and then it's a byproduct. The external takes time. I also think that there's a big misconception because there's almost like a lag time, right?

Shanee Moret: It's kind of like having a baby. You don't have sex and then have a baby tomorrow, right? Like it, it . It's like a growing process and you can't see the changes even for a few months sometimes, right? So people don't realize that the changes are happening just because they can't see them at first. Hey, . If you wanna learn more about growing your personal brand, join the next free masterclass at www dot u Grow y o u.

Shanee Moret: Grow u. Let's get to the podcast. 

Tara Murney: Absolutely. And remember if there's [00:08:00] internal chaos, Going on, which happens to all of us, right? Like we have something called the inner critic, right? And it just constantly talks and talks. It's got a megaphone and it's telling you, oh, you can't do that.

Tara Murney: You can't have a podcast, Tara. There's 800,000 podcasts out there. Like you can't do that. If you constantly feed that, you're going to see more of that on the external world. So you really do have to take the time. To really tap into mindfulness. Mindfulness guys is nothing more than intentionality. And then you really need to kind of go back to the roots, and this is where self-awareness kicks in.

Tara Murney: Like, why am I feeling a certain way? And then you dig through that and you go to the root and you fix it and you solve it. You cannot manifest anything in your life if you do not solve and fix those roots and replace them with proper ones. I would like to give the mic to these beautiful people on stage.

Tara Murney: I'm here for 10 hours if you. 

Shanee Moret: Yeah. So, uh, if you're in the room, if you're loving the conversation, Be a great person and share it with your network because if another person, just one other person in your network [00:09:00] can have the chance to listen in, maybe this conversation could change their life or maybe they can come up and participate while we're live.

Shanee Moret: So you click the three dots at the top of the room and you share the event and other people can join. So, Casey, do you wanna share your perspective here? Is manifestation real? Have you, have you ever experienced it? And what's the first thing someone can do to start today? . Absolutely. 

Kacy Singh: And just like Tara said, like this is my jam.

Kacy Singh: And Tara were 

Shanee Moret: definitely twins, . And that in and of itself is not a coincidence. Right? No, it's not a coincidence that we all gravitated to the same stage this morning. Exactly. 

Kacy Singh: That's essentially part of manifestation, right? So to answer the first question, do I believe it's real? Absolutely. Like 100% wholeheartedly.

Kacy Singh: I've seen it in my. And I just wanna share a quick story to, to prove that cuz the proof is in the pudding. Right? So, years ago I traveled to Peru. Um, I was solo [00:10:00] backpacking for the first time ever. I was like, alone. I was with my thoughts. I faced a lot of, like, the stuff that, you know, it's, it's hard to face when you're so busy being busy in your life.

Kacy Singh: So I got to dig deeper, get. Cleared you what I wanted, what I didn't want through a lot of shit, so to speak. We won't go into that right now, but essentially I came back from, for really clear, and Tara mentioned something earlier, which she said that, you know, and, and Shana, you said that you have to become the person you need to be to attract the thing or whatever you wanna manifest.

Kacy Singh: So I feel like I was super clear. I have let go of a lot of stuff and faced a lot of the limiting. And I came back and I came back on a Saturday in August, 2017. And this is important cause I want to show you how quickly you guys this, this manifests essentially when you're clear about what you want. So I came back on the Saturday, on the Thursday of that week I went to this seminar, personal development seminar, and I'd been to a lot of 'em.

Kacy Singh: But this one in particular was called [00:11:00] Living an Extraordinary Life. And the seminar leader asked us a question, he. What is something that you all want to create in your life? One thing that you've never before really intentionally created? So for me, every time I was in personal development and all that stuff, I would always focus on my career or making money, or how can I do that?

Kacy Singh: How can I be better in that way? But I had never, ever focused on a relationship, like a healthy relationship. I just kind of ended up like dating people. Whatever, being in in relationships and then it like fizzled out. It was never like a yes, this is exactly what I want and I'm creating this. I don't know if many of you have had that experience.

Kacy Singh: Yeah, you 

Tara Murney: kind of just 

Shanee Moret: date just for the sake of day. You're like, eh, you'll do for now. You'll do for now. . Right. So 

Kacy Singh: that's kind of how I was living my life. But when I was in Peru, like I said, I couldn't hide from myself. I couldn't just go on a date just cause I had to be really clear and I met a lot of men and had.

Kacy Singh: Experiences where I was like, Hmm, I like this, [00:12:00] but I don't like this. So I got a lot of clarity. And in that seminar on that Thursday night, I said it up loud. I said, the intention, I was like, I'm creating a compassionate, juicy, healthy, loving relationship with responsibility. Like literally for the first time in my life.

Kacy Singh: I said those words with clarity. In my body that like that is something I could actually create. But I wasn't attached to the how or the when. Like I didn't leave the seminar looking for the guy and I wasn't like desperate about it. I just set the intention and I said, that's what I want. And on Saturday I met Cameron, my husband, and we're married and we've lived together since 

Shanee Moret: years ago.

Shanee Moret: That's crazy. Yeah. 

Kacy Singh: So literally I showed up to the event, it was on a boat cruise in Toronto. Um, lake Ontario, Tara, you probably know , and it was this really cool party I showed up. I didn't really want to, but I was like, Hmm, let's go. It's been a week since I'm back in Canada and I'm on this boat. [00:13:00] I see this man, he looks like he's the boat photographer.

Kacy Singh: He's taking photos. I start posing cause I'm like, I want photos taken of me. And he. Takes shots of me, lowers his camera, and I kid you not, it was like an instant like, oh, I need to know who he is. Like my spirit, everything in my body was like, yes. And then the next morning we said, I love you to each other, and there we are.

Kacy Singh: Right. So. Do I believe manifestation is real? Heck yeah. A 

Shanee Moret: hundred percent. I love that. So, and, and that actually like goes into a question that I wanna ask you, Tara, because you're much more of an expert on this than me, is I find, like in my life, I'll think about kind of who I. who, it's always like a who, like I'll think, oh, I wish I, you know, would wanna meet someone with this skillset or this or that.

Shanee Moret: So I, I, I guess I'm good at manifesting through people. Does that make [00:14:00] sense? And, and I think that people don't even think about things this way. They just, they think manifestation is about things, but a lot of the times it's the right people come into your life. Can change your business, can change the information that you have access to, can change opportunity that you have access to can change.

Shanee Moret: So is that weird? 

Tara Murney: No, not at all. So actually this is really an important part of this. So Shene, you are very, um, so this is my, my . This is how I look at you. You're like a little pimple in a skirt when it comes to business. You say what you mean and you mean what you say, but there's this other beautiful side of you that's very aligned, that's very compassionate.

Tara Murney: Like you're funny, like anybody who's in your cohort can see that side of you. I think you know who you are and I think you've been through a lot in life. And what happens is when you intentionally show up as that higher, best version of yourself, the universe will actually align you [00:15:00] with the. Frequency in other human beings, the people that are in service of compassion, like one of the, the, I think one of the greatest gifts that we can give other people is just to serve.

Tara Murney: And you do that very, very well. And then all the right people show up. So a huge tip for anybody listening is if you keep running into people in your life that are not serving you, growing. Inspiring you, feeding you, you need to go back to self. Right. And that's, and I love Casey, what you just said about not, um, being attached to the outcome because this is why people can't manifest.

Tara Murney: It's rooted in expectation and it's not coming from a service place of your heart. It's rooted in maybe, you know, you, you're desperate for finances. It's that lack mentality. You cannot ever manifest from that place where Shana. Sample she just wants to serve. Like she's so gung-ho about changing everybody's life on LinkedIn.

Tara Murney: It's such a higher vibration and alignment with her true self. And when she does that, [00:16:00] she attracts all the people that she needs in her life. Like everybody here on stage, I know all of you guys, you're all the same. It's from a service place. And when you do that, then the money comes, then the quote unquote success comes and the impact because it's the highest, best version of yourself.

Tara Murney: So yesterday, 

Shanee Moret: I love that. So that just goes to show like how important it is to become what, what you need to become to live the life that, that you wanna live. And it's kind of like reverse, like people don't realize you gotta, um, you gotta learn, I guess, how to drive a Ferrari before you get in. or else it's just gonna stay in the driveway.

Shanee Moret: Right. That's like a good little metaphor in a second. So, chase, do you believe in manifestation or is it a, you know, woo woo. And have you ever experienced it in your life and what would you advise someone to start doing today? To start manifesting? Yeah. 

Jayce Grayye: So, honestly, I, I personally thought, uh, manifestation was one of those boo woos until [00:17:00] it, it kind of happened to me and I, I.

Jayce Grayye: Casey's story of her sharing, uh, how she met, uh, Cameron, because I, I have something very similar and, and Tara. . Well said. Honestly, when, when it comes to how Shana, uh, shows up every day, I, I think that's primarily the, one of the, uh, factors of why I also show up every day. It's like, I see you Shana, and I'm like, okay, I have a com.

Jayce Grayye: I have like someone to compete with, right? To like, be like, all right, to hold me myself accountable. And anybody that's kind of part of, uh, part of her, uh, you know, cohort, you can kind of feel that vibration. Right? So, well, well said. But to, to, you know, to share a, a quick. It's like 2017. It's June. Uh, it's July.

Jayce Grayye: I'll never forget this. I'm probably at the miss right now of just going through, uh, a lot of just moving. And I'll never forget that right around that time, I, I started journaling for the first time in my life. And, uh, don't be wrong. I, I, I would the type of person that would [00:18:00] have a, uh, a dream. But the dream board would never fucking work.

Jayce Grayye: Like I would put everything I want, it would never work. I would always look at it, but it would never work. And I said, you know what? Let, let me just start journaling. And the first thing I started journaling was, okay, what do I want my significant other to look like? Skillsets, what do I want her to come to the table?

Jayce Grayye: and I wrote everything down to a t I swear to you, this is like something that I feel like sometimes when I say a sort, it's like made up literally about two and a half weeks later. Anybody that knows me knows that when I go in on something, I just go all in. I, I don't go one foot in or one foot out and one foot out.

Jayce Grayye: And within two weeks, I'll never forget this, where, uh, it's a Sunday. I go to Fort Lauderdale and I'm supposed to meet up with a buddy of mine there. And as I'm waiting, we go, uh, I go into this tavern that's called Lucky's Tavern. It's like a rabbit inside and everything. And I'm [00:19:00] waiting and I'm at the bar and I remember it ordered a rub and coke.

Jayce Grayye: And I'll never forget this. As I, uh, as I I, I, I turn around and I see this lady just fall off a high, a high chair off the, the. And she just complete, wiped out, like face planted backwards, you name it. Everybody's just looked to the side and as I, I look at her and I, and I start, uh, you know, coming back, regrouping to my drink.

Jayce Grayye: A girl catches my eyes and it's literally right now who's, you know, uh, my girl. That's that I'm dating now. And I'm just like, holy crap, that girl's beautiful. And it's, it's insane because I did not put two and two together that I, when I looked at my journal later on and I looked at her, I was like, holy crap.

Jayce Grayye: She has everything I'm looking for. But it was so funny because I saw her and I just said, okay, I gotta get to know this person. And I sh went up to her. And I introduced myself and, uh, pretty much the rest was history. And that was the first significant [00:20:00] time when I realized the importance of the, the power of just manifestation.

Jayce Grayye: Uh, just being able to see that happen, uh, right in front of my eyes. So at, you know, from that point on, I started becoming very, and, and Tara said it. I don't know if anybody in the audience heard it, but you have to become intent. If you're not intentional with what you're doing with your actions, you're, you're probably gonna be wondering why is it not working for you?

Jayce Grayye: But it's not something that happens overnight. Sometimes it's took me six months to manifest the things I want to accomplish, and I'm patient with myself. Uh, and, and you have to look at it from a, uh, perspective of like, you know, serving farming. You have to be willing to plant this seed and just build everything you need to, cuz sometimes you may underestimate the amount of effort and sometimes you may also underestimate the amount of time that it's gonna take.

Jayce Grayye: So from. Being able to witness that to where I am right now. Shanee, it kind of [00:21:00] feels surreal sometimes. Feels nostalgia because a, again, you know, it's just referencing Tara on this. It's like she's absolutely right. You, you kind of, you create this, uh, vibration where you, you attract the people that are very similar to you, uh, no matter where they're coming from or, or where their story is.

Jayce Grayye: And that's kind of one thing. . It just drives me to, and I love being part of it, right? So it's, it's an honor to having to know everybody on this panel cuz I, I generally have gotten to know you guys over the time that I've been here, but it's definitely something that it has affected my life for the better.

Jayce Grayye: And those that are listening, hey, just, there's a lot of golden nuggets being dropped here, so I hope you're taking notes on this. 

Shanee Moret: Really. I love that. Quick. Go ahead 

Kacy Singh: Casey. I just, I just. You, Jays. Cause I think this is really powerful. So you met your significant other in 2017, is that correct? 

Tara Murney: Yeah, August. 

Kacy Singh: I met Cam in August of 2017 too.

Kacy Singh: How crazy is that? 

Shanee Moret: That's [00:22:00] crazy. . 

Jayce Grayye: That's pretty funny. 

Shanee Moret: That's pretty funny. Sharing the story, the stars were aligning , 

Jayce Grayye: you wanna wanna hear a, wanna hear a plot twist to my early, uh, dating life with her, please. 13 days after starting August. 13 days after I got let go from, from my corporate company. Talk.

Jayce Grayye: Talk about starting, starting a relationship on, on, on a one. I 

Kacy Singh: met Pam on August 12th, so the day before you let go. Got let go. I met Cameron. 

Shanee Moret: That's crazy. Same. That is funny. Hey Shanae, if you wanna learn more about growing your personal brand, join the next free masterclass at

Shanee Moret: You Let's get to the podcast. That is funny, Tara. So how I know that you mentioned expectation. How do. You balance intention with not having expectations. So let's just say Casey put out that intention, whatever. I [00:23:00] feel like there's a lot of people that put out the intention, but their expectation is so, uh, rigid.

Shanee Moret: That like, like in, let's say in Casey's alternate universe, she's like, oh, I would never be with a photographer. Right? So then she would automatically. Cameron, how? How does someone balance that? 

Tara Murney: So what we have to do is remember that we are creator every single one of us. And that, first of all, I'd like to say that there is a very, so we get to create the life that we want, right?

Tara Murney: We design our own life, and it's this beautiful like symbiotic dance, like this dynamic dance between fate and free. Right. And so fate is like you are born into a family. There's nothing you can do about that. You know, that is your circumstance, that is fate. But we have free will, free will every day, and we get to choose.

Tara Murney: And so I choose not to root myself in any expectation. And I started to do this, um, prior to winning the lottery. And this is how I [00:24:00] learned how powerful this is. And that was the one thing that was holding me back because the minute you limit yourself with expectations, you close a whole bunch of doors.

Tara Murney: is this infinite abundance of doors open for every single person. But when you do that with expectation, you almost close three quarters of them. And that's where we become really, really limited. And then we go into judgment, and then we go into this like self-sabotaging, and then we get really, really frustrated that we can't really like manifest anything.

Tara Murney: We can't figure out why. It's because it's expectation. Don't expect anything. Just like when I go into a business, um, deal or I'm working with. I have zero expectation, and I tell them to have zero expectation too. Because if you do that and you're always expecting things, you're always gonna be disappointed because we only look at things a certain way and we don't realize how much is out there for us.

Tara Murney: You know what I mean? And I like to. I just wanna go back to something that Chase said cuz it's really important. I journal a lot. Anybody who knows my story knows I [00:25:00] journal a lot. I've been doing it since I was 14. When we journal and we unload our head, right, we, we start to put our thoughts onto paper and you can do it with free association.

Tara Murney: There doesn't have to be like a method to it. Just dump all of your thoughts. You're putting your intentions onto paper and it's energetic and that's why chase it. For you because it was done in the highest best version of yourself. Sometimes we just have so much in our head that we get stuck and we can't move forward, and we can't figure out why.

Tara Murney: And I always say that a confused mind will always say no to you, and a clear mind always says go. And so it's really intentional. The, uh, it's a great, um, opportunity for us to journal. I know so many men, , I know CEOs of multi-million dollar companies that journal every day so that they are clear, they have clarity, and they have intention.

Tara Murney: And so yes, Shana, I think one of our greatest downfalls is human beings. Is expectation. And we do it because we [00:26:00] compare our lives to everybody else's without understanding that we all have a design blueprint that's been gifted to us when we came here. And I think that's what we need to remove. And once we do that and we really tap into who we are and understand that it's, it's not limited guys.

Tara Murney: It's not this, or. I think we learned that as children, right? Well, you can either have this or you can have that. No, I can have this, that, that, that, this, that, like, I can have it all. And when you have that ki and that's not from ego guys, that's just from an abundance perspective. I know that everything out there is available for everybody.

Tara Murney: Everybody here on stage, everybody down in the audience. It's just you. You just get in your own way. And we, we go on a Pinterest and we read all these. , you know, these, these, uh, top 10 ways to manifest, you know, top powerful techniques, they don't work. And the reason why they don't work, and I'll, I'll give you an example of one.

Tara Murney: There's one called the 77 by seven technique, right? Which is, well, you just choose one spec specific [00:27:00] affirmation or a goal, right, that you wanna manifest and you repeat it to yourself seven times in the morning and seven times in the evening for seven consecutive days. Well, the reason why it doesn't work is because number.

Tara Murney: You have to have a deep desire for that. Number two, you have to actually believe that you deserve that, right? There has to be intention behind that. There has to be action behind that. And then there has to be the allowance, right? And the acceptance. And people get stressed and frustrated. They're like, well, that doesn't work.

Tara Murney: The pillow method doesn't work. You know? Um, I've been doing the, the 55 by five, right? Which is to you, you choose an affirmation, you. 55 times for five days in a row, and apparently it's a proven, powerful manifestation game. It does not work. And so if you keep doing stuff like that, you're always gonna feel deflated 

Shanee Moret: and let And, and Tara, let's talk about why it doesn't work, cuz Because I think that people, this is where a lot of people I think get lost in the sauce of manifestation, where they're like, oh, I'm just [00:28:00] gonna write things down and I'm just gonna.

Shanee Moret: You know, do an affirmation. It's because your subconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious mind. So if you really are not putting in the work necessary to feel like you truly deserve that desired outcome, it will never happen if you wake up early. This is why just waking up. and like making your bed will give you an advantage subconsciously over people throughout the day because if you wake up at 5:00 AM and you make your bed and you go to the gym and you're organized, you show up everywhere knowing what, then 99% of other people in the room didn't do what you just did.

Shanee Moret: And so you show up confident, you show up thinking really that you deserve more, and so you get more as a result of that. If you do a hundred calls a day and you show up to a room where people are doing 30 calls, you show up knowing that you deserve more subconsciously, and so you will [00:29:00] get more and this is where action needs to change.

Shanee Moret: You need to do more a lot of the times and you need to do different things. And I sent a, so I sent a, a screenshot, I'll, I'll share the photo and the comments, but I have a picture of, um, a book that I was reading, the, the Prosperity Bible, and I was reading it a couple years ago. And at the top it says Make 10 K a month by February, 2018.

Shanee Moret: and uh, obviously I've crushed that, right? But it, that was in 2018. I had it at the top, but I didn't just write that down and then go like, lay on the beach and expect it to happen. I've put in so much action, so much work that when I show up to do things, I know that subconsciously my brain knows that it deserves more.

Shanee Moret: Can we talk about that a little bit? The importance of action and that subconscious disturb. . 

Tara Murney: Yeah. Okay, so I'll quickly run through this and then I wanna [00:30:00] pass the mic to Shankar and, and, and JJ cuz I feel like I'm hogging the stage. But I want everybody to take notes or watch this on replay cuz this is gonna change your entire life.

Tara Murney: So the, the universe is subservient, right? It's very loyal to you. And so what I mean by that is it will respond. Frequency and the highest frequency is in action. Like if I, I, I, I said I'm gonna win the lottery, right? But if I didn't actually put that into intention and then go out and buy the lottery ticket, it wouldn't have happened.

Tara Murney: Just like all of my businesses or me getting on a stage or me being aligned with certain people, the universe responds to action and it's responds to intentionality. So let's go back for a second. And I said we have to remove expectation cuz that is first and foremost, and I, I think a lot. Have a really, really hard time with that because we, we fear rejection and we kind of try and protect ourselves.

Tara Murney: We fear judgment and all of that. But, and then what we do is we go and we, we do something called manic manifesting, right? So this is the person who, who does like 15 vision boards and gets frustrated cuz [00:31:00] they can't figure out why it's not working well, it's not energetically aligned. And so what I want you to start practicing today is something called future visualization.

Tara Murney: So if you know the story of Jim Carey, he wrote himself. I think it was a million dollar check or a $10 million check. I can't remember someone, you can look it up. But he, he did something called future visualization. So our subconscious, it was 10 mil. It's 10 mil. Okay. Um, our brain doesn't know the difference between what's real and what's not.

Tara Murney: So if you can actually embody your highest. Best version of yourself and then show up as that person. So that is the action, right? Because guys, we are, we are like, this is focusing on self. When we are born, we are actually wired for success and generosity and compassion. But we are educated to be greedy and to be very selfish, and we have to kind of undo that.

Tara Murney: So it's like starting over from the beginning and this is how you're gonna do it. Uh, you can create a vision. No problem, but I need it to be energetically aligned, which means that it has to be super, super intentional. And the way that [00:32:00] you're going to do this is you're going to create one with the future mind in self, like your future, the highest, best version of yourself, future visualization.

Tara Murney: So you're going to visualize what you want, and it's gonna come not from a place of greed, but from a place of service because, Probably that selfless service guys is without expectation is the best place to manifest anything. Then you are going to sit down and say, what are your deepest desires? Like, what are the things that you are extremely intensely excited about?

Tara Murney: Right? And write those down. And then I want you to go through your belief system. This is number three, and I want you to believe what you desire is possible because that's why when people do affirmations and sing their incantations, they're, they get frustrated. They're like, why isn't it happening? It's because there's a little bit of self-doubt in you, and the universe responds to that.

Tara Murney: So you have to remove. Any doubt there is. So maybe you need to go back through your belief systems, because I can tell you, by the time I hit [00:33:00] 25, 26, I realized that like 98% of my beliefs were way off. So go back and do that inner work. Number four is acceptance. You have to actually like accept that your belief and your.

Tara Murney: Ability to manifest it is going to happen if you don't accept that. And there's a little bit of like, uh, resistance. The universe, again will respond to that. And then intentions. Intentions is my next step. Wanting and intending. Things, guys are very, very different, right? You must have the intention to manifest your deepest desires.

Tara Murney: Number six is what Shana's talking about is action. Like you have to act and behave like your desire has already manifested. So a perfect example of this. Is I walked around before I won that lottery and I told everybody I wanted, like I wrote myself a congratulations letter. I told everybody and my parents actually were laughing at me.

Tara Murney: They're like, lotto Max doesn't happen until Friday. Taran. I'm like, I know, but I own it. Like it's already happened. It's the future self telling you [00:34:00] that I already won it. So that action is huge. And the number seven for me guys, is allowance. And allowance. Like I said at the beginning of this, manifestation actually by definition just means to allow.

Tara Murney: So you have to detach from the expectation or the outcome. You have to be intense in your desire without any expectation of it to manifest. And if you can do that, you'll see a huge change in your. And another key point, and then I'll pass the mic and I will be quiet for the entire time, Shanee, is that I want you to, to really focus on three things.

Tara Murney: One is the your scent. Number two is sounds, and number three is sight. And what I mean by this is when we wake up in the morning, let's look at sight. For example, what do most of us do? We roll over and we pick up our phones, and that's the very first thing that we see. That's how we've intentionally set our day.

Tara Murney: Instead, why don't we roll over and look at a picture of a loved one or look at our goals, or look at our kids, or look at like a beautiful photo that just inspires the [00:35:00] crap out of you. That's site. And this is all things that we can do in our own environment, in our own home. Number two is sound. So there is something called, uh, cognitive.

Tara Murney: And so for people who live in cities or town sports, it's really, really loud. You hear police sirens and fire stations and the alarms going off all the time. Well, it's something called cognitive load, and at the end of the day, you're exhausted. Well, how about we replace those sounds? So I wrote out my perfect day.

Tara Murney: That I did in a course, uh, last year. And at the very beginning of it, I said I want to wake up to the sounds of birds, which is called sk. I think it's called Shanny. And it's this beautiful, uh, sound of chirping birds. So instead of my alarm, cuz what do we hear in the morning when our, when our phones go off, it's this.

Tara Murney: Ra ra in your, and it sets the tone for your day. So I changed it to birds chirping. And the third one is scent. Scent is powerful. Guys. You ever get a pizza and you're like, mm. Like you, almost like you can salivate, just smelling it. You walk into a spa, like, if I smell lemon [00:36:00] grass, I'm immediately in this beautiful zen place without even trying.

Tara Murney: So put in your environment, uh, That really inspire you. They make you feel calm. You don't have to sit there and meditate for 20 minutes to find that place. It's almost instant when you do these little things, guys, they start to shift your frequency in your body, and then the universe says, oh, you like that?

Shanee Moret: Yes. Let me give you one. Yes, yes. Because the language of our brain is behavior. Right. Like, uh, I, I feel like, I mean, again, this could be a whole series, your brain doesn't really understand words that understands like feelings and behavior. That's why experiencing things is so important. And I'll never forget what a mentor told me.

Shanee Moret: And, and then I'll pass it to Sean Carr when, you know, when I started growing and stuff, he said, don't, um, Don't underestimate, like, don't skimp out on like little things. He said, you need to start treating yourself like a luxury brand, like a luxury from [00:37:00] even buying like more expensive towels or even buying like more expensive mattress or, or bedsheet because like when you start experiencing those, Things like if you like lay on expensive like bedsheets, you're like, wow, the brain's like, I like this experience.

Shanee Moret: What do we need to do? Who do we need to become to continue to experience these things? Right. And I think that people, they shoot themself in the foot because they don't allow that experience. And you don't need a lot of money to buy like a linen, a sheet, right? It's just the. Things you could start to create your dream life today by switching out little things and, and gaining new experiences.

Shanee Moret: So your brain has something to pull from. 

Tara Murney: Shene. I, I have a girlfriend. No word of lie, guys. Try this. Uh, she, she has me starting to do it. She drinks water from champagne, flutes, . Yes. And pretends. And she embodies the emotion of what it would feel like to be able to ha to do that every day. I know it sounds [00:38:00] crazy guys.

Tara Murney: And it's. Woo woo, but woo woo is really just magic. And we're all magic and we limit ourselves. Cause we're so worried about what people will say about us. I live on Clubhouse, Shene knows this. I live there and I was known for the longest time as the Woowoo girl until people started to do what I was telling them to do.

Tara Murney: And then they'd write me back like two weeks later, a month later, and they'd be like, oh my God. I said, I told you it's not woowoo, it's magic. And we're all magic. And somehow we got it taken away from us as. And I'm gonna remind you where 

Shanee Moret: it is. And that's it. It's true. I'll never forget the first time I put on like, you know, the fancy pajamas with the embroidery.

Shanee Moret: I'm like, okay, this is like , like this experience and you could go do that today. Is that like you could go to Marshalls or wherever, but I think that Star two engineer little. Different types of experiences. So your brain has something like, oh, okay, we like this. What do we need to do? Sean Carr, do you believe in manifestation and have you experienced it before and what's one [00:39:00] thing people can start doing today?

Shankar Poncelet: Yes, good morning everyone. My entire life is really the result of manifesting the American dream of business ownership and living. . And what has worked for me is I was blessed very early in life to know what I want. I think I must have been around 14 when I knew that I wanted to be an American citizen and leave live somewhere in the us.

Shankar Poncelet: And what has worked for me is because at that point it was kind of, my brain knew I wanted to live in the. But, uh, and be an American citizen. But I had no idea how to get there directly. But I think what I was good at is identifying milestones and then, um, manifesting these. milestones, always the, the next immediate [00:40:00] milestone into my life.

Shankar Poncelet: So in my mind I was like, okay, what can I do to make this happen? And I knew, I knew a few things. I knew that I needed a marketable skill. I knew that I needed to save a lot of. I knew that I needed to be free from shackles that would hold me in my home country. Once it was time to go, I knew I needed the necessary intelligence.

Shankar Poncelet: I knew I needed the necessary eloquence, and I knew that I needed the necessary courage and business acumen. So when I was 14, I thought that the most mark marketable skill would be becoming a pilot, and that was also a passion of mine. So as I was actually a pilot by the age of 16, and then I went into law [00:41:00] enforcement at the age of 21, I was a law enforcement officer because I knew.

Shankar Poncelet: That, um, Americans value, uh, public service a lot. And for me, the best way to do that in Luxembourg already was going into law enforcement. Uh, something very, very amazing happened to me in 2010. I was about 28 then, and that is the green cart lottery. Uh, I won that. So the green card lottery 

Shanee Moret: is so how many years between you being a little boy and saying, Hey, I wanna become an American citizen one day, and then you winning the green card lottery.

Shanee Moret: 14. 

Shankar Poncelet: Wow. And you are only eligible to participate. Um, when. Uh, you know, you have to be at least 18 years old. And so it took about, it took 10 years of me, uh, participating in the lottery. And when you get drawn, [00:42:00] they tell you and they give you about a year or two to make up your mind and you gotta be ready.

Shankar Poncelet: To, to leave. You gotta be ready to, so they do a few things actually. They look at your financial background, your criminal history, your educational background, and then, uh, you know, you can't just use it as a privileged tourist. You 

Shanee Moret: need to, so what you're saying, Shankar, is you have to be prepared for the opportunity.

Shanee Moret: mm-hmm. before the opportunity presents itself. 

Shankar Poncelet: Yes. You have to have this, I have always had this, um, I was absolutely sure that everything would happen at its own timing, so I was never, never worried, uh, would I ever make it to. States and be an American citizen. I knew it would happen. I knew that deep in my heart, but I didn't know the, the timeframe, but I knew what I had, I knew the milestones, [00:43:00] and I just focused, I trusted, uh, the universe, if you will, to bring the 

Shanee Moret: timing.

Shanee Moret: Yeah. But you also took action because how many, how many people in different countries. , they wanna come to the US or they wanna do this. I know even people in the US who say, oh, I wanna travel. Do they ever even research where they wanna travel? Do they ever even, you know, build relationships with people in other countries that they wanna travel?

Shanee Moret: Do they start learning what they need to travel? Do they file for their passport? They don't. And so like you were also doing the things, which is why your brain was probably like, yeah, you deserve this. You've been preparing for this for 14 years. 

Shankar Poncelet: Yeah. Yeah. There's only, at any given point in time, there are only so many things that you can do to realistically get you to the next medicine, but you gotta do them and, um, they will present itself, uh, themselves to you.

Shankar Poncelet: Absolutely. Like fast. 

Shanee Moret: Yeah. I. I love [00:44:00] it. So I think it's important, like everything that he laid out is, is gold because he knew the milestones, so he didn't just say, oh, I want to go to the us. You don't just say, oh, I want this, and then just be like, oh, okay. I hope the universe delivers you. Then create milestones that will get you there.

Shanee Moret: He knew who he needed to connect to the paperwork he needed to do. You know what he needed to have his finance. in order. So he needed a good job for that. All of those things. And then he did them. So it's about like milestones doing and then knowing where you wanna go and really expecting it to happen because you're doing all those things.

Shanee Moret: So I think you just shared something gold. 

Tara Murney: He actually just shared something else that I think maybe everyone overlooked. He said courage. And that is interchangeable with action, right? Because sometimes we're so rooted in fear, we can't even. Foot forward. Mm-hmm. and when we do things in courage without knowing the outcome, and that's what he did.

Tara Murney: But he believed it. He deeply believed it. He said he knew it was gonna [00:45:00] happen. That courage is actually, when we look at it on a, on a scan, it's actually, um, it's measured at about 200 to 200, uh, megahertz in our body. And that is when we start to align with higher frequency in our body. And so I just didn't wanna overlook that because sometimes that courage is what, you know, holds us back or propels us.

Shanee Moret: I love that. Mm-hmm. , because when I look at my own story, my own story, uh, my life only started to change when I had the courage to try to just get clients on my own versus like, depending on a job. And that was like the impetus of everything. And so I think that that's powerful what you just shared. And for those of you in the audience, like if you're, you're going into a new.

Shanee Moret: and whether you believe in reincarnation or not, we, we probably have, what, a hundred years on this earth and you're probably maybe 30, 40, 50, 60. Um, 50% or 60% of that time may be gone [00:46:00] and you still waiting. , right? So I think that going into the new year, you have to start to love and value yourself enough to not allow more time to waste and slip through.

Shanee Moret: And what is the worst thing that could happen on the other side? The worst thing that could happen, like for me, my situation was just, oh, this, this business thing wouldn't work out and I would just have to go get another. , right? Like, and, and I would experience a lot of, you know, embarrassment in the process, but I was willing to take the embarrassment, um, if that happened.

Shanee Moret: And I know Anne has a similar story. She took, uh, a leap of courage and she's very, very successful. I think she's the most successful on this stage. So, Anne, you're, you're the real baller here. What's up man? 

Ann Bedford-Flood: Okay, well, I wouldn't go quite that far to say I'm the most successful up here, but oh my goodness.

Ann Bedford-Flood: Uh, it is so difficult for me to come in behind [00:47:00] all of you speaking, and I've heard everything that you've said. And if you don't believe in manifestation, then you need to go back and listen to this again because there's so much 

Tara Murney: valuable, uh, 

Ann Bedford-Flood: information 

Tara Murney: on here and 

Ann Bedford-Flood: so much success, um, coming from all of you.

Ann Bedford-Flood: it is difficult for me to lead in behind you and, and even the majority of the things that I would've said have already been said. Um, you, you do have to have your, your goals and writing things down and journaling them and believing in yourself. And as you said, Shana, you know, , the majority of the people that might be listening to this are 30, 40, 50 years old.

Ann Bedford-Flood: If, if you're not taking action now, you're letting an opportunity, a possible opportunity just slip away from you and you don't get that time back. So take a chance, take a leap of faith, and go 

Tara Murney: after what you really 

Ann Bedford-Flood: want [00:48:00] to do in life. If you can, if you can imagine it, you can make it happen. It's all.

Ann Bedford-Flood: Writing it down and working towards those goals. And I, 

Shanee Moret: I do that quite often. Give people some hope through your story, Anne, cuz I, because I think like in, in a 92nd, um, version of your story. I think that if they hear that in and of itself, they'll get a lot of context as to who you are. . Okay, let me see if 

Ann Bedford-Flood: I can get it quickly in 90 seconds.

Ann Bedford-Flood: So, I was a 23 year old young mother, just married. I was a hairdresser. Hated my job, didn't hate the job, hated the hours. Went to work for a lady. W uh, worked for her for three weeks. She closed the doors. My husband encouraged me to take the little bit of information or knowledge that I received during those three weeks and start my own business.

Ann Bedford-Flood: I started out of the bedroom of our apartment. And grew the company to a multimillion [00:49:00] dollar a year company. 

Tara Murney: Um, 

Ann Bedford-Flood: and 25 years later we're still here and we are successful. And was that 

Shanee Moret: 90 seconds? That was like 40. You over deliver as usual . Okay. 

Tara Murney: Well, the, the whole, the whole 

Ann Bedford-Flood: moral of the story is it doesn't matter where you are in life.

Ann Bedford-Flood: When I started this business, I was dead broke. I started it with $200. That was, that was my life savings was $200 at the age of 23. And no knowledge. Uh, I didn't even honestly know how to turn on a computer. I didn't have a reason to. I was a hairdresser, so I had to figure it out. I, I knew what I wanted. I knew that I had one shot at this, and if I was, no one else was going to make it successful, but, And I knew what I had to do to get there.

Ann Bedford-Flood: I made a lot of mistakes along the way. It was extremely stressful. I made a lot of costly mistakes. [00:50:00] Um, that's a whole nother series. Um, but something we could certainly discuss at another time, 

Tara Murney: uh, that would 

Ann Bedford-Flood: encourage people not to get up if they or not to 

Tara Murney: give up if they heard more about my 

Ann Bedford-Flood: story. 

Tara Murney: Um, but 

Ann Bedford-Flood: if, if you can imagine it, you can.

Ann Bedford-Flood: So you just have to have the mindset that you want it. You have to write your goals down. You, if they're in your head, they're not. You need to put 'em from your head to paper so that you constantly see it because your brain forgets. So make sure that you do journal. Write your ideas down. I do the vision boards, um, and I do the journaling, and I think that those two together have.

Ann Bedford-Flood: uh, 

Tara Murney: progressed 

Ann Bedford-Flood: my career and moved it forward, and without that, I'm not sure that I would be where I'm at today. But it also, it also takes a mindset of I'm not gonna give up. And just like Tara said, [00:51:00] you deserve it. You have to know that you deserve it, and you, if you want it bad enough, you 

Tara Murney: can't achieve it.

Tara Murney: and believe it. And you said something that I don't know if anybody overlooked, but you said you didn't know anything about computers, but you learned that's that intentionality key that I'm talking about. Like it's intentional and I love that you failed. I, I don't think anybody would be discouraged because failure and success, and I know Jason is this very well, they run in tandem together.

Tara Murney: Like that's how we grow. Like you don't, I look at all these people that are really successful, if you actually sit down with them, like off camera, they'll tell you how many times they fell on their face. Followed on my face so many times, and I'm grateful for every experience because it allowed me to grow.

Tara Murney: And I'm just, I'm super, super proud of you. And one of the best examples I can ever give on courage and curiosity and intentionality is Walt Disney. That guy went to 302 banks, I think it is, 302 something up there, 300 something. And he kept hearing No, no, no, no. But he was so driven. Such a deep [00:52:00] desire and belief and knew that it was gonna happen, and I think at the 303rd bank finally said yes to him.

Tara Murney: So don't give up and just keep driving towards your goals and your dreams. . 

Shanee Moret: I love this, this conversation. We're gonna, who in the audience would like a part two room? Put a heart in the audience if you would like, uh, more conversations like this around manifestation, because there's so many things that, that we can cover, right?

Shanee Moret: Like we can cover more things about vi visualization. Actual techniques to journaling. Maybe we could hold a room and do like live vision boarding, Tara, because I know with the vision boards, it's not just about putting what you actually want on the vision boards. I know like scientifically, you should, if let's say you wanna run a marathon, right?

Shanee Moret: You have to actually envision the process. What do you like going to the gym when you don't feel like it? You know, like, uh, recovering your, your legs, like putting ice on your legs after a workout, meeting people early in the morning to [00:53:00] go work out, investing in a fitness coach or whatever. Uh, buying clothes, learning and, and it's not just about.

Shanee Moret: Passing the finish line. So a lot of the techniques, even with vision boarding aren't done correctly. So we're definitely gonna, this room was amazing. We're going to have more how to manifest rooms. I'll, I'll get with the crew up here and we will, uh, schedule them accordingly. But any of the speakers, do you have any final words to share with the audience, uh, so that they can go out and start to change their life?

Ann Bedford-Flood: you're coming up on a new year and there's no better time to take a chance than right now.

Kacy Singh: And when you set an intention, just relax, like set the intention, take a breath and relax, and whatever shows up in front of you, whatever action you need to take, just do that without expectation 

Shankar Poncelet: about the courage. [00:54:00] When you put out strong manifestation requests, um, sometimes people will show up that will help you overcome your fears, but they will require something in return for their help.

Shankar Poncelet: Sometimes it's money, sometimes it's time. So my advice is don't be greedy at that moment. Be gracious with your time. Be gracious with your money if they want to be. But you can't ask for signs and then the signs come or the help comes and you don't take advantage of it. It always takes a little bit of something, of a sacrifice from you and then things happen.

Jayce Grayye: Yeah, I, uh, I want to say that give yourself time and don't underestimate the amount of effort that's gonna. Like I said earlier, when I was talking, it took me six months to find the answer to my, the question I kept asking myself. So just make sure you give yourself [00:55:00] patience. 

Tara Murney: Oh, I love that one. Chase. So, a couple things that I'll say.

Tara Murney: So I'm not sure if anybody does meditate. I do meditate a lot and there's a difference between prayer and meditation and prayer guys. Is is how we talk to God source divine. But meditation is actually how you receive the dialogue it's giving and receiving. And so really take the opportunity to kind of slow down in life and this is how you're going to unlock all of your greatest gifts that are are inside of you.

Tara Murney: And I think one of the greatest, um, Um, expeditions in life is figuring out what our purpose is, right? And so really be intentional and out a journal and ask yourself like, what is it that you're really, really compassionate for in this world? Like, what brings you joy and what brings you pain? Because what brings you pain is how you know how to.

Tara Murney: Solve, right? And that's usually gonna unlock a lot of things that are inside of you. And then from there you can start all of the manifestation techniques that we've all [00:56:00] shared on this stage. And I'm willing to bet if you have any questions, you can reach out to Shanane. She'd be more than willing to help you.

Tara Murney: So thanks for having 

Shanee Moret: Mehan. Come on, Tara. You're the manifestation expert here. And, uh, there have been so many requests for another training. Maybe, you know, everyone on stage, Tara and I, whatever, can get together and schedule like a proper. Maybe two and a half hour, three hour masterclass that you could get, uh, a big dose before the year if you'd be interested in that.

Shanee Moret: Put hearts in the chat. Let me know the feedback because if not, I'll just chill over the holidays. . All right. There's a lot of hearts, Tara. So, um, I'm, the public has spoken. 

Tara Murney: I'm so willing to do that. You're not 

Shanee Moret: resting next week, . 

Tara Murney: I did plan on it anyways. I, I actually, I did plan it. That's a lie. And then everybody asked for things cuz everybody's on sabbaticals.

Shanee Moret: I was like, okay. . That's funny. So yeah, we'll definitely get something on the books. Just stay tuned. Uh, message, uh. [00:57:00] Uh, follow everyone on stage. They're amazing human beings, and believe in yourself. If you could just start to change what you do with your time and who you give your time to, your life will change.

Shanee Moret: That's what I'll say. I have to jump, but God bless you everyone, and we'll see you next time. Ciao. Hey Shana. If you wanna learn more about growing your personal brand, join the next free masterclass at www dot u Grow y o u. Grow u. Let's get to the podcast.

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