Growthpreneurs by Shanee Moret

Create an Online Course with ChatGPT or Claude

August 02, 2023 Shanee Moret Season 6 Episode 1
Growthpreneurs by Shanee Moret
Create an Online Course with ChatGPT or Claude
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Brace yourself as we journey through the intricate course creation process using cutting-edge tools like ChatGPT and Claude.

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Speaker 1:

How do you create a course with chat GPT? This has been a repeat request, which is why we're going to cover how to go through this prompting process in today's training. If you are on the LinkedIn and listening, there is a link in the comments to the live video training where you'll be able to see my screen very shortly If you're on YouTube. I appreciate you very much, share the event and like the event. We're going to be going through a series of prompting trainings over the next couple of weeks. Today, what we're going to be focusing on is how to use chat GPT, or actually both chat GPT and CLAWD, to prompt a course. If you're ready for this and you're on the YouTube watching, let me know who you are. Good morning, let's start. The first thing is to never assume well, actually, pre first thing, I just want to say that I do not advocate for anyone that has not run at least a live beta of their program and who has produced repeat results for clients to create an on demand course. That is a completely different conversation. We won't go into that today. I just want to preface this training with that said. The first thing is to understand that you may think you know all of the things when it comes to building a course, but you always want AI to check your blind spots. Even if you go in with a certain foundation of what you want to build, you want AI to check your blind spots. So how are we going to do that? For this training, we'll be using both chat, gbt and CLAWD. Again, last chance for LinkedIn. The link to the YouTube where you can see it on the screen is in the chat of the event. If not, just continue to keep listening. So I'm going to head over to chat GBT and let's see Share my screen. So you see this. You see my chat GBT. Yes, all right. Perfect. Let me see. Hold on, let me see the best way. Probably this one, okay, and I'm going to try to zoom it in for you. Hold on, let me do this layout a little bit. Hold on. So the layout, okay, we're just going to go to the other one. All right, hopefully you can see. So, if you're on YouTube, we're about to start. So you never want to assume that you know everything that's involved with a course and you also want to have an idea for the type of course that you want to build. There's courses in the style of LinkedIn learning. There's courses in the style more like Harvard Business School. There's courses in the style more like Tony Robbins and Marie Forleo and all of those things. So, for anyone in the YouTube chat, I'm going to bless one of you today and I'm going to do this process with your example. So by the end, you'll have a lot. If anyone's on YouTube, put in the chat what type of course you may want to build. Just give me a specific and then I'll use you as your example. I'll use you as the example. Let's see, someone is about to be blessed today. Just put it in the chat what type of course do you want built how to navigate professional spaces as a first gen Latina Done, okay, so that's the one that we're going to use, because you know, that's the first one I saw. I saw Okay. So all the comments are coming in. Maybe we'll do a couple of the examples, but this is the first one that I'm going to do and I am a first gen Latina, so it's very interesting, all right, so let's do this. So what we're going to do is I'm going to pretend like this is going to be in the style of Harvard University. So I just want to check myself. I'm going to say what are the critical components of a course in the style of Harvard University? Why Harvard? Just because you know it's like high echelon. So what it's saying is okay, we need it to not be that easy, right? Like? One of the main things with Harvard is that what you learn is pretty difficult. You need experts, okay. Small class sizes, interdisciplinary approach, research, experiential learning, continuous assessment, academic integrity, access to resources, global perspective. Whenever you do something like this, you want to say did we miss anything? You always want to check it. Okay, you know, as you can see, it'll give you like 20 more things and it's still missing things. So now I'm going to and this is where being an expert is critical, because now I'm going to provide it with more examples of what I think that it's missing. What about learning objectives? Okay, okay, course requirements, schedule, remember, orientation. So once it picks up more on these things, it should give me a more thorough list. Okay, give me more components like these. So here we go. This is what I was looking for Office hours, collaborative learning, diverse content, pre-readings, multimedia resources, you know, if you want debate time, alumni engagement, okay. So this is what I'm really looking for. Now it gave me like five lists. I'm going to say compile these lists into one list of necessary components, of course, okay. So now we have a whole checklist to work with. Okay. So now what we're going to do is we're going to take this and I am going to put this into notion. So, if you see, this is my notion and here I'm going to put necessary components, right, and then this could even be developed into a checklist, right? The first thing's okay, we need academic rigor, and we could start there. Okay. Then we're going to go back here and I'm going to say create a course curriculum If I could spell it curriculum that is rigorous, in this style of Harvard University. For going back to StreamYard how to navigate professional spaces as a first gen Latina this topic how to navigate professional spaces as a first gen Latina, professional spaces as a first gen Latina and we hit 62 people on the live. This is the most ever on YouTube. Hit the like, congratulate yourself in the chat, because we're going on this journey together. I appreciate every single one of you. If you're listening on LinkedIn, hop over to YouTube so you can see this. So this is what I do. So it's saying course title navigating professional spaces as a first gen Latina is doing the course description, the objectives, the course outline. Okay, and it did. How many weeks is this? So this for me, is not enough. So what I'm going to say is I'm going to say create a week by week curriculum for four months on this topic. Right, cause the first thing that I kind of want is the curriculum. And then we could go from there and is this helpful? So far? Put a yes in the chat if it's helpful, right, so I wanted to, okay, so it's doing the first week, or the first month, and then week one, week two, week three, week four the second month advancing in professional spaces week, week five, six, seven, eight, uh, month three, month four, okay, and it does all of this. So this is what I'm looking for to start. Okay. So now I have and of course you'd fact check this right, and ideally you'd also maybe be using chat, you'd be T3.5, but for the sake of just getting the foundations of what you need, you're going to hop over here and then we're going to start organizing this four month course curriculum and then you do this. Okay. So here's my four month course curriculum. Now, what do we need? But what else? What else do we need, based on our list in the chat? We need, we need to do a lot the learning objectives, the description of the course. You know course description here, but rewrite this course description in the style of university university courses. Okay. So now we see this. So here's the, here's the course description. And then you go here, this tab instead, course description. Now, when you're doing things like course objectives and when you're doing things like requirements for the course, you need to add your own knowledge because it has to be ideally for your top 20% clients. So we're going to and I don't know you know what type of first gen Latinas you work with and stuff like that. So we'll move to another example. Let's get another example for someone in the chat. Put what course? Defining your niche. That's a good one. All right, let's do defining your niche, and I zoomed it in a little bit. You could watch the replay If, if you know, you can't keep up right now and just watch the replay. All right. So defining your niche Now. First, for a course course requirement thing like this, what we need is please write a course requirements description in the style of Harvard University for how to find your niche in 90 days as a B2B consultants. Okay, Now I would be a little bit more specific, but let's just see. So they need to have intellectual curiosity, openness to self reflection, willingness to collaborate, dedication to rigorous exploration, timing. So like this is not specific enough. Include the specifics, and this is where you would really need to understand, like your target market. So let me, let me do this for my example. So, if I said, because I obviously understand my target market, please write a course description in the style for how to attract better clients on LinkedIn right Now, whatever it gives me, I'm going to really take two there Okay, LinkedIn proficiency, whatever whatever. Professional intent, proficient communication Okay. So the course requirements for me. The small business owner has to be willing to do video, to market themselves on video. Market themselves on video oh, let's stop here. And then, for anyone that doesn't know this, you could always go back and edit if you hit enter too soon. The small business owner has to be willing to do live audio events right, the small business owner has to be willing to do live video events. The small business owner has to start a private email list if they do not already have one. And the small business owner has to know who their top 20% clients are. If they don't, they can't work with me, right? So I'm adding those specific requirements in here. Does that make sense? Put yes in the chat. If that makes sense, so the more that you know. This is where someone who is a true expert and really understands who their top 20% clientele are is going to crush a person that doesn't. Because if you don't, you're just going to go with all this generic stuff that it puts out first and you're not going to be able to tailor it. Put yes in the chat if that makes sense and that's just some of it, right, so we would take this and then we would go here and then it being course description like in this example, but we're going to change it right. Then there's so much right, there's syllabus, there's office out like a schedule. Let's come up with the schedule so and start putting whatever questions you have about this process in the chat so that I could answer them for you. So here is create a course schedule for right, so called it Master and client attraction on LinkedIn. That's funny. So we personally, we meet daily for content, Monday through Friday for 21 minutes, and then we meet weekly for strategic masterminds on Thursdays. Okay, we have tech hours on Tuesdays. So it's okay. So I'm going to tell it that this is wrong. I just need an ongoing schedule, not a breakdown month by month. So whenever it does something wrong, you just have to correct it. You see, wednesday, thursday, okay, so this is a little bit better, and then I could just take this foundationally and then tweak it after. So here's a little weekly schedule. Put your questions in the chat. So then here's schedule. So now we have our necessary components list and then in here, what I like about notion two is like let's say, you have your curriculum and you already did it. You could highlight it, and then you could go like this, you see, and then you can kind of, you know, like on this one I could go back with small class class sizes. Here I could say I want to highlight the fact that we have small class sizes around 12 people each cohort for, and then we'll just make this up right mastering client. So it's trying to give me create a class size, class sizes only description and explain why that is so important. So you see, so this is separate from the original description, where under it it could be like hey, this is our class sizes for cohort and this is why we keep class sizes at this size right, which I think is pretty cool. So start to put your questions in the chat, so that's. That's how you would start it, though. So the first step is basically to get all the components. Now, we don't have to do it in the style of Harvard. I'm just going to show you really quickly what something like this would look like, and then I'll show you on cloud real quick actually. So what we could do is, on cloud, you could start a new chat and say what are the critical components of a course, in the style of, let's say, tony Robbins. So high energy you should not feel like you're going to sleep in the videos. A focus on mindset and psychology. Immersive experiential exercises okay. Modeling successful mindsets. Focus on neuroscience okay. Personalized coaching what about specific things like a course description, curriculum? Et cetera. I don't know how I got that. We're doing a three day immersive experience. Cloud is bugging today and it's creating a whole curriculum. That's funny. I'm just going to tell it. I don't want you to create a curriculum, I want you to give me the critical. So I'll give it a little bit more guidance. Things like course objectives, who the course is for, syllabus let's see. It's still not getting it, that's funny. Or it's trying to answer it for us, so let's see if it. Okay, so give me more. Or components. So it's missing. It's kind of funny. Let's go to chat. Let's see how chat Compare is live. I think it'll understand a little bit better. Specific things like he has his membership, membership, community live events, group coaching, syllabus, intro so yeah, it's getting it more Like progress tracking is a great one. Accountability measures, audio and video content, practical tips, continuous learning opportunities All right. So I'm going to say give me more core components like this. So guest speakers, feedback and self reflection that's a good one. Continue to support an alumni network that's also a good one. So then I would just grab the ones that I kind of like from this style and then add it to my notion. Does that make sense? Yes, in the chat. That makes sense. But you ideally want to pick the style that best aligns with you. You don't want to. If your curriculum tends to be more like Tony Robbins, where it's more live and because a lot of his training, even though it's a course, they do offer live things, then that's fine. If it's going to be more like Harvard, where it's a rigorous curriculum, you're going to have standards that your members need to uphold. It's more rigorous. It's not like let's have fun and lay around all day. Then you want to model that. Does that make sense? So you don't want to put in oh, harvard style curriculum because it may overwhelm your customers if they're not ready. Like for me. That's my style because that's just what my customers like. My clients are there. They're not there to play any games, they're there to do the work and they know that. Which program is this? Follow Kizzy, everyone on YouTube. She's a great YouTuber. The first one was Claude. So for anyone that doesn't know Claude, it's available. I'll put the link in the chat. It's usually, ideally. Usually it's better than Chad GBT 3.5. I don't know what's going on today, but let's just ask it in more general questions. So what are the critical components when building a course, an online course, and it's pretty similar Clear learning objectives, organized structures. So now it's answering. It just got a little bit confused with Tony Robbins assessments, interactivity. But this is, claude. It's available only in the US and in the UK and it's free. You don't have to pay for it and, as of my understanding now, there's also no limit. The other one is Chad GBT, so I put the link in the chat. So what questions do you have for me about this process? Now is the time. Now is the time to ask. We have 10 minutes that I can and, if you're on LinkedIn, raise your hand If you have a question. The way that you raise your hand is you click the hand button at the bottom of the screen. Alright, so let's go to Scott. Hey, scott, what's up? You have to unmute your mic. Okay, let's see, darryl, what's up? Darryl, let's unmute your mic. You have to click the microphone. Hello, what's your question? Yes, we can hear you now. Oh, sorry, I just. Unfortunately I jumped on late and I was just trying to sign in. Okay, alright. Alright, darryl, thank you. Who has the question on LinkedIn? Raise your hand and then you have to click the microphone at the bottom right. Okay, so let's go to Christopher and then I'll. Okay, christopher, click the microphone on the bottom right. Good, morning.

Speaker 2:

How are you guys doing? Hey, what's up? So August 7th, the conference in Vegas, right?

Speaker 1:

August 7th is the conference in Vegas. I have no idea. Oh okay, Wrong group Okay. Okay, so let's go to YouTube, because LinkedIn seems to be a little lost. Alright, so this is a great question After composing, what about filming? So we could use AI to guide us in this process, because obviously it's not just the structure of a course, it's the energy of the delivery, and I really believe that energy can be felt. I mean, it seems a little bit woo-woo, but energy can be felt through video, through audio. So you could ask Chachi BT for some guidance on the best way to film some of this stuff. So it could be general, so you could do something like this where here and then let me zoom in a little bit where you say hold on, where you just tell it you know I am going to film a course. What do I need to make sure that I am prepared, and I'll fact check this. So you need the course content, outline the script or the notes, the equipment, ensure you have the necessary filming equipment, location, visual aids, practice, time management, backup plan, attire and appearance, perfect release forms, videos, time format. So it's quite a lot right. It's not just get in front of the camera, the way that the first thing I'd start with is a script, and then you have to ask yourself can you read far away or not? Like for me, I'm wearing my glasses, so how are you going to read? Because you should read without them realizing that you're reading, right. And then? So for that maybe you need a teleprompter For this, you know you need the equipment and then you could just ask it. You know I don't have a microphone. What's the best microphone that I would buy? So that really depends on the technical stuff. But let's say that you wanted to start with the curriculum. The first week was introduction to first gen Latina professionals, so with chat, we could also start building the video script, right? So please create a video script for an introduction slash, welcome message for a course titled okay, introduction to first gen Latina professionals. So the scene opens with a warm and inviting setting. The instructor, a confident and friendly first gen Latina, stands in front of a backdrop that showcases diverse images of successful Latina professionals. That's pretty good, right? I don't know how you would do that backdrop, but it's pretty good. And then you smile and you say Hola y Bienvenidos, hello and welcome. I'm so excited to have you here. My name is and I'll be your guide on this incredible journey of self discovering, growth. Together we are embarking on a life changing course introduction to first gen Latina professionals. Then the camera zooms in, emphasizing her enthusiasm, and then the instructor starts are you first generation Latina who inspires to achieve greatness in your professional life? So you could do this for almost every part of the curriculum, but you should know what you're looking for right, so she would know, reading it over, what needs to be added, what needs to be removed, to really speak to her audience in the most authentic way possible. Obviously, that was just a tiny example, but did that help? Okay? Okay, so that answers after composing. What about filming? Does it save your previous sessions? Yes, claude, saves your previous sessions. How do you use AI to then market your course? You know you can leverage some AI for newsletters. You could leverage AI to help prepare you for live events like this, but I really do feel like it's best for you to actually be involved, especially for the instructor. So there's ways that you could leverage it to make the process easier, but that really ultimately comes down to marketing, and I'd say that, let's say you wanted to launch something in January. You have to start marketing that now. I see that with a lot of coaches and consultants and all that. They just underestimate the amount of marketing that it initially takes, because people are busy, they need to hear it over and over again, they need to understand what exactly you offer. There needs to be a lot of tracking along the way, and this is a whole other topic. You need to build your email list. You won't get into all of that today, but it's best to start sooner rather than later. It's what I advise, especially with a launch. And was this helpful today? Put yes in the chat. Appreciate this so much. Thanks, ruby, helpful advice, super helpful. Hi Shene. What tool are you using to stream Hi Shene? So this is a more complicated answer than you think. Maybe we'll cover this, but I'll cover this with Shankar, because Shankar is, you know, my tech person Can't live without Shankar's tech advice. So for the video, I'm using StreamYard, but for the audio to multi stream on LinkedIn and something like StreamYard where you could hear my audio and another person's audio if they were to raise their hand on LinkedIn Equally on both you need an audio interface. Two good ones are if you want a small one, just to start the Zoom Pod track. If you want a more advanced one, but it's going to cost you more money, but it's something that you can have forever. It's a pro podcast or two and that's something that you can really grow into, especially if you ever want to do a podcast or do professional type of live videos or webinars or film your course, because one thing that you start to learn is that the more advanced you get the qualities expected and 50% of video is audio the more intimate that you can make your audio sound and stuff, the better. So I hope we'll go through how to connect that one day, but I hope that answers your question. So for the video and audio, I'm using StreamYard. Yeah, all right, five more minutes. What other questions do you have? I'm here and if you have a question on LinkedIn, just raise your hand. To raise your hand, click the hand button at the bottom of the screen. Let's see Shelly, shelly, hey, shelly, what's up?

Speaker 3:

Hi, good morning Shelly. Thank you so much for today and the shared information. My question was just click quickly if this replay will be available for us to go back and review today or at any given time through LinkedIn profile.

Speaker 1:

Yes, so you could go to the. If you go to the event chat and I could DM you too. But if you go to the event chat, there's a video link. Yeah, there's a video link, but if you just DM me a replay, I'll send you the link, because I know it's hard to navigate LinkedIn sometimes. Okay, all right, great Thanks and have a great week. You're welcome. Have a great week. So just if you're on LinkedIn and you can't find where to watch this or where you could watch the replay, just message me the word replay and we'll get you settled. So could you possibly use AI for audiobooks? Yes, in a future training we'll actually cover Descript. Descript is a pretty basic tool to grab the transcription of a training like this. I could grab the transcript, but they've recently received an investment into the technology by OpenAI, so I don't think they're going anywhere and they keep advancing. So one of the things that you can do in Descript is to actually clone your voice, which you may want to do. You may not want to do. So let's say that you do a video like this and I say microphone instead of microphone or something. Let's say I mess up. I could have that clone voice say the right word for me on the same audio track. So this is possible with Descript and it's pretty incredible. So we'll be covering that in a future training because it takes a while. I don't think you can train it in one day. You'll need, like the person. I know one person who has trained their voice so well on Descript that it is hard to tell it apart from her real voice, and this person has, like, a beautiful main voice, right, like her real voice is absolutely amazing. But she has literally uploaded almost 30 hours of audio data to clone the voice, because it will only be able to clone almost identically what it has. So if you upload an audio and you never say the word LinkedIn, and then you want it to say LinkedIn one day, it's not going to know how it's getting better, but you need a lot, a lot of data. Still, it's incredible. So how can we transcribe all of this to a document Pretty easily? So I showed this on a previous training where, and honestly, the best technology to do this would be Claude. So Claude is one of the AIs that I showed today. But if I'll show you really quick, so if you go to YouTube, there's usually, like you know, whatever, there's usually a transcript for me. So here there should be a transcript summary like this. So what you would do is you'd scroll down and then you'd scroll up, or you could just copy it at the top, whatever. I'm taking the long way and then you just whatever you copy and this is for another training, but you get the gist you go to Claude and you'd say provide me with meeting notes from this video, paste it at the bottom and you'll get your meeting notes in one minute. So Claude is supreme in this type of thing, because chat GBT for only allows you to do something like this with 4,000 tokens and the document. That's about 10 minutes of speaking. Most trainings are longer than 10 minutes, so you'd have to do it multiple times. Claude has 100,000 token limit where you could just do it like this. Yeah, so this goes back to D script, where we're going to do a whole. You all want to learn everything in one hour. You got to take it. It's like dating. We got to take it a step at a time. We will be doing a D script training because D script can do a lot, so it can edit your videos, it can edit a transcript, it could get you the transcript from any audio and video and then it could also clone your voice. You see what they do to me. Sean Carvin, you're not with me. They want like 20 lessons in an hour and also just DM me. You see Sean Car right here. Sean Carponsolay, dm him or me with anything that you want to learn, because I've already committed to going live on YouTube at 10 o'clock in the morning all the way through January 1st. So thank you, sharon. Thank you, sharon sees me as a human being. I appreciate it, but we are organizing the curriculum. Yes, this is very scary, maureen. If you have enough audio publicly, anyone can clone your voice. Whether it's ethical, I don't think so. I don't think you should clone anybody's voice without their permission, and this is why IP lawyers are going to have a lot of cases coming up soon, because people have already been trying to do this. There's people that have cloned deceased person's voices without the authorization of their family or their trustees or whatever, and it's already leading to huge lawsuits. So, no bueno. Yeah, gerardo, so we will cover how to use chat EBT for sales, especially if you're talking about consultations. But we appreciate you. This was a great training. If you loved it, you could watch the replay. If you loved it, show up tomorrow at 10 am. Like I said, live at 10 am every single day through January 1st, and I appreciate all of you. God bless you. Share it with a friend who may benefit. That's all we ask, and I'll see you tomorrow, ciao.

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